8 Fun Things You Can Do During Memorial Day Weekend Even If The Weather Is Bad

Tom Pennington/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Before you solidify your holiday weekend plans, I hope you looked into the possibility of if it will rain on Memorial Day weekend this year. Because nothing is worse than making an epic outdoor plan in an optimistic mindset that does not include a chance of rain. And the unfortunate reality here is that heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in different cities across the country, so if you live in one of a few cities expecting rain, you're going to have to think of some indoor backup plans ASAP, so as to not kill your #MDW vibes.

Ready for a dose of reality? If you live in Miami, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana, Chicago, Illinois, or some areas of Vermont, you've got heavy showers that have the potential to turn into full-blown thunderstorms in store, starting on Saturday, May 26. But don't be too bummed out — yeah it's fun to spend time outside, enjoying nature, swimming, and getting some vitamin D, but there are plenty of great things to do when you're stuck indoors. Here are a few ways to make the most out of your rained-out Memorial weekend plans. Surely one of these options will be a great fit for you and your crew.

Go To The Movies

Go to the actual movie theater, where you can get all of the popcorn and M&Ms that you desire. Go see a movie right when it comes out like back in the old days when seeing a movie didn't mean streaming it from your computer. Enjoy getting out of the house, sitting in the AC, snacking your face off and seeing a movie how it was meant to be seen.

Go Shopping

Memorial Day weekend sales are widespread, but if you're usually at the beach on the holiday weekend, this is your year to take full advantage of the amazing deals. Be old school and head to the mall.

Have An Indoor Feast

OK, I know an indoor picnic is not nearly as exciting as an outside BBQ, but if you get really into it, it will be fun. Clear some space on the floor and lay down blankets and sheets. Set up all of the food as you would if you were outside in big serving bowls on the ground. Light some candles, play some music, and the party will take on a different vibe — but the novelty of the indoor picnic will make it more interesting than sitting around the table.

Have A Bake Off

If you were looking forward to some competitive lawn sports, fill the void with an epic bake-off. Challenge your friends to make the best American flag-themed desserts. Everyone is a well-fed winner in this game.

Dust Off The Board Games

Do you remember board games? You probably have them somewhere, in a drawer or in a closet or under the couch. Dust them off and get your friends together for an epic competition.

Go Out To Eat

If you don't feel like risking burning down the house by bringing the BBQ inside, find a restaurant in your area that's doing something fun for Memorial Day and join in on their celebration. All of the food and fun with none of the clean up!

Play Fixer Upper

Take a look around your home. I'm sure there are some home improvement projects you could get yourself into this weekend if you really think about it! Head to a craft or home-supply store and stock up on everything you need to spruce up your home.

Go Outside Anyway

So long as there are no thunder and lightning storms, it's safe to go outside and play in the rain. Put on some rain boots and some of your laundry day clothes, and have a good old-fashioned mud fight with your best friends.