'Life's Super Bowl Trailer Is So Intense

by Allie Gemmill

Super Bowl Commercial Watch 2017 is going swimmingly for me, especially now that a Life Super Bowl spot dropped on Saturday. An actual trailer will be released on Sunday, Feb. 5, the day of the big game. But watching this heart-stopping preview, which is a cool 30 seconds long, brings one immediate concern to mind: Will Jake Gyllenhaal's character even survive Life? Because the jury is still out, and I'm super worried, thanks to the clip's final moments. Don't do this to me, Gyllenhaal. Don't you dare.

Luckily, this teaser doesn't give much away to favor Gyllenhaal's character, David Jordan, one way or the other. The Super Bowl spot simply reiterates the premise of the film: An international team of astronauts manages to pluck an alien life form out of the cosmos. Well, Mars, to be exact. Believing they've struck gold in the quest to discover the origins of life in the universe, they soon discover that what they're analyzing is far more sinister than they could have imagined. Trippy, right?

For David's part, there's just a supercut of his appearances from the original trailer, which highlight him as one of the main heroes of the film, alongside America's Favorite Dad, Ryan Reynolds. The two men — both set up to be alphas jockeying for glory, although they may be each other's greatest enemy — run around on the spaceship, trying to defeat the alien life form without dying in the process.

The movie Life looks like it shares some cinematic DNA with the Alien films. This may leave those interested worried that Life may end up failing to bring something new to the table. I would counter that argument with this one: Did the Alien films star Ryan Reynolds and Jake freaking Gyllenhaal? There, problem solved.

This Life Super Bowl spot does a damn fine job of building the hype up. But, so help me, if Gyllenhaal's character dies during this film. I'm going to be writing a strongly worded letter to Sony Pictures.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly referred to the clip as the Super Bowl trailer. The actual trailer will be released on Sunday, Feb. 5.