People Hope Kelsey & Peter Don't Last – So She Can Be The Next Bachelorette

Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Kelsey Weier may have had a rocky start on The Bachelor this season, thanks in large part to champagne-gate, but the contestant has come a long way since then and made it all the way to hometown dates. But just in case she's not the only to ultimately win over Peter's heart, Kelsey's odds of becoming the next Bachelorette are actually better than you may originally think. After all, it takes a great deal of courage to open up to someone the way that she has, especially on national television.

During Episode 7 of The Bachelor, Kelsey used the time during her second one-on-one date with Peter to explain a little more about her complicated family life. Her father left when she was very young, but recently she's started getting in touch with him again in the hopes that it'll lead to a better relationship between the two of them. However, her mom doesn't know about it, which could definitely become a sore subject down the line. Peter mentioned during the date how much he appreciated her sharing so much of her personal life with him, so he can see her inner-strength and how she tries to give the people in her life second chances.

Vulnerability is a key part of being the perspective Bachelor or Bachelorette of any given season. Viewers need to care about who you are and all that you've overcome in order to want to root for you to find love. Kelsey has done a fantastic job of doing just that. She's made it clear to Peter that she's falling in love with him and is putting in the effort to allow him to see the real her, the good and the bad.

Then there's also the fact that she's been getting a very good edit these day. At the start of the season, she could've easily been painted as a villain after she and Hannah Ann went through their champagne spat. Yet, now there hasn't been any drama shown between her and any other contestant, aside from when she went to see Peter privately in Costa Rica. (And let's face it, that was just smart game play, right there.)

Peter has already endorsed the idea of Kelley becoming the next Bachelorette, but if Kelsey gets sent home over these next few weeks, fans shouldn't exclude her from the running too quickly. Heavy is the head that wears the Bachelorette crown, and who better to wear it than a former pageant winner?