Why Scott Disick Might Not Actually Want Kim & Kanye On His New Show

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All of the people on Keeping Up With The Kardashians have an interest in interior design, and they all have vastly different styles. So it would make sense if Scott Disick turned to them from time to time to consult on his new house-flipping show, Flip It Like Disick. However, while it does appear that some of the Kar-Jenner clan will pop up on Flip It Like Disick, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West probably won't be among them. They seem a little too busy right now to be on a second reality show.

For one, the two just had their fourth child, Psalm West. And for another, Kim is currently studying to be a lawyer, which requires hours of studying every week. During an episode of KUWTK in Season 16, Kim explained just how much the decision has changed her life. "I spend more time on this than I do really on anything else," she said. "It is a full commitment ... I won't have time for events, for favors, for friends, for literally anything for four years." That likely includes not having time for Disick's reality show.

As for Kanye West, he's busy finishing up an album that he initially said would be out almost a year ago. Clearly it's not ready yet, since, well, he hasn't released it. But he's likely still hard at work on that right now. Plus, Kanye isn't a super big fan of being on reality TV to begin with. He's made appearances o KUWTK from time to time, but that's probably where he's capping it.

Just because Kim and Kanye can't be on Flip It Like Disick, though, doesn't mean the show will be Kardashian-less. The trailer for the series reveals cameos from Khloé, Kourtney, and their mom Kris Jenner, who serves as an executive producer. Jenner even makes a reference to Kim and Kanye in the trailer.

In the scene, Disick tells Jenner that he's remodeling DJ Steve Aoki's house, because — even though it's large — it doesn't have enough bedrooms. "Sounds like Kim and Kanye," Jenner says.

Kim and Kanye's house is something of a marvel to look at and learn about. Fans of the show know it took years to complete the construction on it, and the couple lived with Jenner while it was being finished. According to Architectural Digest, the two bought the house in 2014, but didn't move in until 2017. That lengthy of a turnaround time certainly wouldn't work on Disick's house flipping show, and neither would the Wests' love of ultra expensive, luxury design pieces. For example, AD reported that Kim and Kanye's floors are so precious and rare that, when scuffed, they can only be fixed by a special team flown in from Europe.

Ultimately, their design aesthetic doesn't really mesh with what Flip It Like Disick is doing. Disick is trying to make money on his house flipping; he doesn't have time for Kim and Kanye's fancy floors, and their sparse taste isn't exactly built for mass appeal. But if Disick ever needs a marble conference table, maybe Kanye can help him out there.