The 'Little Women: LA' Cast Is Staying Busy Ahead Of Season 7

Mathieu Young/Lifetime

The ladies of Little Women: LA have fought, made up, and fought some more for the past several years. Their adventures have included several weddings, cast changes, and seemingly infinite pregnancies and new babies, taking the cast from a group of mostly single women to matriarchs with growing families. Season 6 hasn't slowed down one bit, but will Little Women: LA return for Season 7? Lifetime hasn't announced whether or not Little Women: LA will return for a seventh season yet, but presumably, a renewal — or some announcement about the future of the series — will come soon after the Season 6 finale on July 5, perhaps while the two-part reunion airs on July 12 and 19.

But the reason this show has been able to generate so many seasons in such a condensed time frame is that this cast stays busy, whether the show is filming or not. If the seventh season is to premiere several months after the Season 6 finale (the pattern since the series premiered), the show will need to begin filming soon. Given that there are still a few weeks left before the season officially comes to an end, the stars can't be too transparent online about what happens between them in the last few episodes. But the women of Little Women: LA are still keeping busy on social media.


Terra blogged her Dancing with the Stars experience for People this year, sharing how she felt about losing her friendship with Elena, her feud with Christy, and the rest of the events of the season. Her book, Fierce At Four Foot Two, is available for preorder, and while there are no updates on a possible Little Women: Terra's Little Family Season 3, in the meantime, Terra is releasing family videos on YouTube.


The other ladies were skeptical about her potential engagement, but she hasn't revealed anything about her relationship status or posted any pictures with Kerwin on social media, even though they'll be featured on Little Women Couples Retreat starting in July. Since the season finished filming, Tonya is selling her line of activewear, Lil Boss Body, and just celebrated her daughter's college graduation.


Another hurdle for this troubled couple was Matt's alleged cheating. They're making another attempt to save their union on the Couples Retreat spinoff, but unfortunately it seems like Briana has spent most of her time postseason dealing with the many comments and Tweets from fans (and online bullies) suggesting she should pursue a divorce.


Though Christy and her husband Todd will also be featured on Couples Retreat, their life seems pretty normal and relatively drama-free. Of course, it's possible Christy keeps the tough times private, but I'd bet that this couple makes it through the spinoff season with their marriage even stronger.


After giving birth to her second son in early 2017, Jasmine has approached the sixth season as a peacemaker. She's the one who gets between Terra and the rest of the ladies when fighting, but when she's not refereeing a Little Women screaming match, she spends the offseason with her husband and sons.


In the wake of Season 6, it really seems like Elena and Terra's friendship is over, but Elena doesn't seem too troubled about cutting her costar out of her life. Her Instagram is the best place to see photos of her adorable twins, and her YouTube channel teaches you how she does her makeup.

So if the show returns for its seventh season, these women will still be balancing entrepreneurship with their personal lives and families. And if you really can't wait for more Little Women: LA, there's the upcoming Couples Retreat spinoff to keep you entertained by interpersonal drama all summer long.