Will 'Man Seeking Woman' Return For Season 4? One Of TV's Best Rom-Coms Deserves Another Shot

Michael Gibson/FXX

FX is absolutely killing it right now with a slate of dramas that have something for almost any TV fan, and its sister network, FXX, is the home of odder, but just as good comedies. The current season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one example, and twisted romantic comedy Man Seeking Woman is definitely another. That's why, after the third season comes to an end on Wednesday, March 8, Man Seeking Woman should return for Season 4. Though the series has yet to be renewed by FXX, last year, the network didn't decide to bring Man Seeking Woman back until after the second season was complete, so there's hope. In fact, I think MSW only got better in its third season, thanks to the addition of Katie Findlay as Lucy, Josh's girlfriend and now, wife.

Not only did Lucy bring a female perspective beyond Liz's customary single episode per season, but her storyline helped to spice things up. Lucy and Josh's relationship flipped the first two seasons' casual dating formula on its head to show the humor in a committed relationship. From there, another season could effectively examine the humor in the honeymoon stage and marriage in general.

But in case FXX doesn't bring Man Seeking Woman back, or just makes us wait a very long time for a fourth season, there are plenty of other romantic comedies on television, even similarly unconventional ones. So if you're looking to catch up with something while Man Seeking Woman is off the air, here are a few selections that will make you laugh just as hard about the ridiculousness of relationships.


Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

The Netflix series' second season is premiering just as MSW is ending, making it a perfect show to marathon. But if Man Seeking Woman took a turn towards sweetness, Love is about two actual disastrous people, and the first season ended without much mitigating romanticism.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

H D on YouTube

If you love the way that Man Seeking Woman uses sketch comedy and surrealism in order to get across the emotional swings of dating, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which uses musical numbers for the same reality-bending purpose, should be a perfect fit. Don't believe me? There's a whole episode about the love-enhancing powers of the Santa Ana Winds.

The Mindy Project

Hulu on YouTube

If you've been missing out on The Mindy Project since it moved to Hulu, I suggest returning to the series, now in the middle of its fifth season. Ever since Mindy and Danny's relationship fell apart, it's returned to its rom-com roots.

Jane The Virgin


This show might be a little heartfelt for Man Seeking Woman fans, but it does have an absurd side, mostly through the family comedy and telenovela elements. And there's also the simmering romantic chemistry between Jane and Rafael, now that — never mind, you won't get any spoilers out of me.

You're The Worst

Ron P. Jaffe/FXX

On its surface, You're the Worst might seem unpleasant, but it's really about two "terrible people" who are secretly not that terrible, just deeply troubled and trying to make their relationship work.

New Girl

Patrick McElhenney/FOX

It's more of a cross between a rom-com and a platon-com, but this show, which has gone through several stages of growing pains, is once again a reliable, well-executed weekly comedy.

If you're looking for more comedies with a romantic twist, or romances with a comedic twist, there are plenty of options for a savvy TV fan while waiting to find out about the prospects of Man Seeking Woman Season 4.