Meredith Could Find Love Again On 'Grey's'

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Derek Shepherd died long enough for Meredith to have another baby (his, since she didn’t know she was pregnant at the time of his death), get a promotion, and act as a den mother to her two almost sisters, so isn’t it time she gets a little something in for herself? Sure, she and Nathan Riggs slept together, but she abandoned that fast when she found out that Maggie had a thing for him. But now that Maggie seems to have given up that ghost, will Meredith and Riggs get together on Grey’s Anatomy?

As I mentioned, there was some parking lot car sex and some very heavy flirting, but once Maggie mentioned that she was into Riggs, Meredith took a step back – why lose one of the only family members she has to a little fighting over a guy? But Maggie seems to realize that she doesn’t match Riggs’ less-than-cheery disposition and never-ending loss (his fiancée, Megan, disappeared), and she’s moved on. This leaves Meredith to direct her dark and twisty attentions to Riggs once again, and I don’t know why she’s resisting. Derek is gone! Have some fun! Smile once in a while! Go bang in the parking lot again! It’s a good time!

For all of their faults, Riggs and Meredith are a good match. They both have brooding sides that they just can’t help, and they both really want to do the right thing but sometimes get sidetracked by their own pasts and ill-informed intentions. They’re also both very good-looking. I’m not saying that Riggs has to be the new dad to Meredith’s three children (where are those kids, by the way? Haven’t seen them in a while), but Meredith can certainly explore some l-o-v-e while she’s figuring out her life.