Meredith & Riggs’ 'Grey's' Hook-Up Won’t End Well

There were some big plot twists during the Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 finale, including the part where Maggie confessed she was crushing on Dr. Riggs. Little did she know Meredith and Riggs slept together before she revealed her feelings for him. Unfortunately for Maggie, she seems pretty confident that Riggs has feelings for her too. Cue a new Grey’s Anatomy love triangle and it’s a pretty bad situation this time since it involves sisters — who also happen to be roommates. I predict a pretty freaking awkward Season 13 for them, especially since Meredith is unlikely to share the truth of what happened to anyone, except maybe Karev.

Let’s go back for a minute to freshen your memory before the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 premiere because it’s been awhile since we’ve seen them. If you recall, Meredith and Riggs had an odd relationship because Owen told her the story of how Riggs is the reason his sister got on a helicopter that ended up disappearing. They were kind of flirty with each other but nothing big until one day in the parking lot they got into an argument when led to them having sex. That’s how most arguments go in Grey’s Anatomy world, and no relationship can ever just be easy, so there are a few ways this can play out. Warning, some are more likely than others, but let’s dive into the future for a moment.

Meredith And Riggs Start Dating

This would be the simplest way to go, but because Maggie admitted she has feelings for Riggs, it’s unlikely that Meredith will start dating him. It would be nice, though, if Meredith could have one relationship that’s not complicated by another woman considering what she had to go through with Derek and Addison.

Meredith Lets Maggie Have Riggs

In an alternate universe somewhere, Meredith decides to give Riggs up and let Maggie have him. I would say that this is the most diplomatic move considering it seems that Meredith isn’t really that into Riggs, but we know Meredith isn’t the most selfless person ever. This option is pretty unlikely, but, still, maybe after Derek’s death Meredith has grown up a bit.

Meredith Stops Sleeping With Riggs

Another way things could go down is that she immediately cuts things off with Riggs and nothing happens with him or any of the Grey ladies. That seems a little too easy though. Not Shonda-approved.

Megan Hunt Shows Up

We are all lead to believe that Megan Hunt (Owen’s sister) is dead because her helicopter disappeared and Owen blames Riggs for letting her get on it. Well, in true Grey’s fashion, no one is dead without proof. What if one day Megan shows up at the hospital? That would totally happen on Grey’s Anatomy.

The Most Likely Scenario

We’ve known Meredith Grey for years, so here’s what’s most likely about to go down. Meredith will tell Riggs she can’t do that anymore and try to resist. He will try to keep hitting on her and then one night when she’s had too much tequila, she will hook up with him again. She will avoid telling everyone (except maybe Alex) and then Maggie or Amelia will find out by walking in on them having sex.

After 11 years, it’s not too hard to predict what Meredith Grey will do. Just pick the most self-destructive option.

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