'Million Dollar Listing: New York' Could See Major Agent Changes

Pascal Lesegretain/Bravo

The most expensive apartments in Manhattan may be out of reach for pretty much everyone who isn't a billionaire, but they're brought to the masses every week on Million Dollar Listing: New York. The show's sixth season is coming to an end, but will Million Dollar Listing return for Season 7? Even though Bravo renewed Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles in May 2017, right around the time that MDL: NY premiered, there still hasn't been any news from the network about the series' future. But the renewal of the show's LA outpost shows that, at the very least, Bravo is still open to the franchise and possibly interested in MDL: NY returning next year — perhaps you can look out for an announcement just before MDL: LA premieres its 10th season.

But Bravo's interest isn't the only thing that could change Million Dollar Listing: New York's future. The brokers have been going through their own problems, too. For most of the season, Ryan, Fredrik, and Luis — sorry Steve, but Luis is still the third member of this trifecta, at least in my heart — had major crises, either at work or at home, that may jeopardize their careers selling tiny apartments for huge, huge prices. And that's a big shift from previous seasons, where it was obvious those three would do anything to get a better deal.

Fredrik's professional prowess wavered slightly this season, with multiple failed attempts to set price records — like that Park Slope townhouse — and he's still preoccupied with his personal life. His husband, Derek, barely appeared this season after the couple moved to Connecticut, and the finale might show that they are finally moving forward with a surrogate pregnancy, giving Fredrik even more familial responsibilities. Right now, it looks like their family hasn't grown yet, but maybe the finale will reveal something more is in progress.

In an Instagram photo, Fredrik toasted to his recent sales — looks like he and his team of brokers have been working overtime and pulling in some very impressive numbers. Certainly, if the show returns, it looks like Fredrik will be right back at the top of his game.

Ryan's shaved his beard since the last season wrapped, so that's one big change. He also managed to find enough time off to take his wife, Emilia, on a Greek vacation to celebrate her birthday. Ryan wrote, "Happy Birthday to the perfect wife. I know I'm not the perfect husband (yet), but know this: I promise that I will not tire, I will not break, and I will never give up, until I fulfill all your dreams and wishes" on the below snapshot of the pair on their vacation.

And that whole Groundhog Day conflict is definitely over, because every post Ryan writes that's not about his relationship is about how much real estate he's selling. The idea that Ryan Serhant was randomly going to give up real estate brokerage in order to watch sunsets is absurd. He's been on the show since Season 1, like Fredrik, and, also like Fredrik, he seems too competitive and too driven to ever give up on the real estate industry or the show.

Steve is still the new guy on the show, and so his contracts aren't quite as impressive as the other guys, and he seems pretty laid back. The only point of interest in Steve's storyline this season was probably his driver, Bradley Cooper, attempting to become a broker and upstage his boss. Bradley's even growing his very own manbun.

But there was one more existential crisis this season: Luis'. He only appeared a few times, but those moments were memorable, because Luis always manages to find unbelievable passion for everything he does. His impulsive move to Paris surprised his former costars earlier this season, and the finale will follow up on his choice to leave France. Now, Luis is staying in Israel, and he wrote in an Instagram caption, "I am not looking for a specific place to make me happy. Happiness is inside all of us. What I am looking for is to continue to learn more about myself..."

On Watch What Happens Live, Ryan told Andy Cohen that he doesn't think Luis will return to the real estate business. "I don't think so. I really don't think so," Ryan said. "Once you make that decision to say that life has moved on, that's what he did." But as of the finale, who knows what Luis will say. Maybe after a season of all of the MDL: New York brokers second-guessing themselves, he'll be more confident in his choice to leave it all behind.

But no matter what Luis chooses to do in the finale, if Fredrik's family gets any bigger, or how Ryan loses his beard, ultimately, Season 6 of Million Dollar Listing: New York was seemingly just as successful as its past five, so Bravo should have no reason to cancel the series now that all of the real estate brokers have recommitted to selling multi-million luxury apartments faster than New York City can build them.