Sorry 'My Favourite Murder' Fans, It Might Be A While Before Your Faves Tour The UK

Stocksy / Ann-Sophie Fjelloe-Jensen

What's up all my fellow true crime fans? Podcast aficionados know damn well that the two most important days of the week are Monday and Thursday. Because that's when Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff release their weekly instalments of arguably the best true crime podcast in the universe, My Favourite Murder. It's so good that they've had successful sell out tours all over the world. After a brilliant string of dates in the UK last year, will My Favourite Murder have a UK tour again?

I don't know about y'all but to me an evening with those two ladies is every bit worth dipping into those savings for. Well, sadly at this point they have not announced anything, and they are touring the U.S. until May so there will definitely be nothing this side of the pond for quite a while. I have reached out to representatives of the pair for further information and will update you if I hear anything back.

The duo toured the UK and Ireland as a part of the European leg of their 2018 tour. Luckily for those who couldn't bag a ticket, the live shows are recorded and then released for our listening pleasure. And boy, oh boy do these heroes deliver top quality entertainment that makes your commute feel completely worthwhile.

Since the show began way back when in 2016, it has gone from strength to actual strength and y'all it is easy to see why. Although TBH who would have thunk a podcast that fuses comedy and murder would be, well, OK?

The show has become famous for delivering excellent one liners that become low key mantras, like "stay sexy and don't get murdered" aka "SSDGM", "the husband did it", and "f*** politeness".

The eff politeness maxim is especially brilliant because the out and out feminist icon pair often flag the issue that women sometimes ignore their gut feeling in favour of being polite because as a gender we are taught from such a young age just to "be nice". And this deep rooted duty that many women feel can people in danger.

Their openness regarding their own mental health struggles has been absolutely refreshing and meant that many fans can identify with the hosts' past and present challenges. In particular openness regarding medication and not taking BS off any fools means these two are the big sisters you always dreamed of. Although TBH the pretty hectic crush I have on Kilgariff would be a bit strange to have on a sibling. Sigh. So let's say big sister and BFF.

Hardstark and Kilgariff have also been super good at proving that people who are a bit too safety conscious have the complete right to be. Which like, holla at my girls for making all the folks who double, triple check all the doors are locked, and have their old hockey stick under the bed feel better about it.

The show's success has led to some pretty great things. Not only have they toured and produced some rad merch — but y'all they have written a soon to be released co-memoir and now even have their own podcasting network. The Exactly Right network which comprises of all the girls' favourite topics including true crime, cats, zombies, and of course—diseases that can kill you. You know, all the important things in life.

Although no UK tours for 2019 have been announced yet, let's all cross our fingers, toes, and miscellaneous appendages that they come over to this side of the pond again soon.