Nike's Colin Kaepernick T-Shirt Completely Sold Out Almost Immediately

Parents say it the best: "Actions speak louder than words." Everyone's heard it at least thrice in their life, and for many it reins true. Colin Kaepernick's actions, for example, has said volumes in the past couple of years. So much so that Nike's Kaepernick shirt already needs a restock shirts made in Kaepernick's honor only hours after their recent release.

The line of tees were unveiled to the public on Thursday, Oct. 25 and in that same day, they were all sold out. And it took only hours.

Nike priced the shirt at $50, in which buyers would receive a black long sleeve shirt featuring the Nike logo on both sleeves with the former Quarterback's name written across the back of the shirt in reflective lettering. In addition, one sleeve captured the tagline in small lettering of the eye-catching Nike ad: "Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything."

In the promotion of the shirt, the sports star and activist tweeted a photo of himself as he sported his natural fro, sitting in front of an all black backdrop. You can't help but stan a guy with a message.

The launch of the tee came about a month after Nike had made the public aware of its endorsement with the former athlete. It was a collaboration that had many people across the country divided.

Back in September, Nike shook the table when it announced Kaepernick would be the face of the "Just Do It" campaign's 30th anniversary. After the activist found out the Kaepernick Icon Tee was sold out, he shared his gratitude on Twitter.

"Out of stock online in just a couple hours! Thank you! I'm humbled & grateful 4 all of the continued support," he wrote.

While there aren't anymore tees left in stock on the Nike site and the kaepernick7 site, there are still stores around the country for you to pick yours up to show your support.

Nike has yet to spill any deets on whether or not it will restock online, but since being officially sold out, Sports Illustrated reports the shirts are still available in select stores from Los Angeles to Atlanta to New York to New Orleans.

Colin Kaepernick first raised support and controversy when he was the first football player to kneel during the National Anthem before an NFL game to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Since being removed from the NFL, he's been a free agent and activist and advocate for Black Lives Matter. And that's all not to mention the few Twitter spats he's encountered with the President.

While many consumer were in support of Nike's decision to have Kaepernick spearhead the anniversary campaign, he and the brand were also met with backlash. Many critics who were once fans of the Nike brand, burned and destroyed any and all of their Nike gear, showing their clear distaste for the collaboration.

Despite the fact that many were up in arms, boycotting the idea of Colin Kaepernick as the face of a coveted athletic brand, the negativity was ousted. It kind of goes without saying that the Kaepernick Icon Tee selling out in a matter of hours probably has something to do with it.