Fans Want These Two 'Bachelorette' BFFs To Be The Next Bachelors Together


As Hannah B.'s final rose ceremony nears, fans are debating whether Tyler C., Jed, Luke P., or Peter will be the next Bachelor. It's bound to be one of them, and viewers have some very strong opinions about which one it should be. Currently, there's a big pull for Peter the pilot to take the reigns from Season 23's Colton Underwood, but all of that could change after the fantasy suites — and windmill date — come and go.

Peter's hometown visit confirmed that he's head over heels for Hannah, They had the perfect date — he took her for a ride in his (very nice) black Mercedes, blushed when she found a condom in his middle console ("How did that get there?"), flew her in a private plane, and sat down for a lovely family dinner complete with a German prayer.

That being said, Hannah has some pretty strong connections with the other remaining men, too. Jed is the only who she's told she's falling in love with, which is a pretty huge deal. All of which is to say that as much as Hannah seems to like Peter, we have to come to terms with the fact that he could very well leave the show single and brokenhearted... only to (potentially) return as the next Bachelor. In fact, that's actually what a lot of Bachelorette fans are hoping for. Some even say he's been receiving "the Bachelor edit" for the whole season.

By "the Bachelor edit," fans are referring to the fact that Peter has been portrayed on the show as nothing but nice, wholesome, and gentlemanly. He has a good, stable job, he's respectful, and he has nothing but love to give. Essentially, he's all you'd want in a next Bachelor, and that's exactly how producers are framing it.

However, the conversation around the next Bachelor is already a very divided one. As beloved as Peter is, there's also a strong case being made for both Tyler C. and Mike. The best proposition yet, though, has to be the pitch for a double Bachelor season led by this Bachelorette season's ultimate pair: Peter and Tyler C. Their bromance blossomed as the number of men in the Bachelorette mansion dwindled, and fans can't get enough of how adorable their friendship is. "Alright quirky idea but stick with me," one viewer tweeted. "Both @TylerJCameron3 and Peter Pilot for Bachelor. But theyre just buds the whole time and help each other find love."

And the fan wasn't alone — a lot of folks are on board. It's really the best of both worlds.

Another fan had a similar idea with the addition of Mike. Why not make it a three-man Bachelor season? The more the merrier, right?

Still, others were more interested in Peter's family than Peter himself.

Whether or not a tenderhearted Peter would be up for dating 30 women at once, we'll have to wait and see. But there's no question that people would watch.