Why The 'Bachelor' Title Is Peter's To Lose

ABC/George Burns

The Bachelorette is rounding out its season with a three-hour Aug. 7 finale, and fans are still unclear as to where Rachel and Peter stand in their relationship. If Rachel and Peter decide to go their separate ways at the end of Rachel's season, will Peter be the next Bachelor? He's definitely sticking out as a fan favorite.

But most of Peter's fans probably want to see Peter end up with Rachel at the end of The Bachelorette finale. However, if Peter does end up without a rose, having him be chosen as the next Bachelor seems like the next best choice. Going into the final rose ceremony, fans know from her own comments that Rachel ends the season engaged. There's still a chance that Peter has worked through his commitment fears and proposed. But if it's not true love for him and Rachel, a big chunk of Twitter would love to see him back at the mansion.

That fan fervor for Peter could put him in the running for a chance to grace TV screens once again. Some may feel Peter is using his time on The Bachelorette just to become the next Bachelor, but he did his best to put those rumors to rest. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Peter responded to the big Bachelor question, saying that, right now, Rachel is his “focus.” He also added that if he could end up with Rachel at the end of the season, he would be “the happiest man I could possibly be.”

There's also a possibility that, even if Rachel doesn't pick Peter, Peter may currently be in a relationship with someone else. His relationship status is definitely one of the most important elements. However, his hesitation to commit could complicate his future as the new Bachelor if the contestants are looking for marriage.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, host Chris Harrison did not confirm any frontrunners for the new season of The Bachelor. However, Harrison pointed out that "It's safe to say it's more likely someone from Rachel's season because that's history. Traditionally that's what we do."

Rachel's final choice will be revealed during the super-sized Bachelorette finale. And though a lot of fans won't be happy if Peter isn't it, he could take one step closer to taking The Bachelor's place next season.