Tia's 'Bachelor' Hometown Date Could Have A Surprise Visitor


That fateful time of each Bachelor season is upon us — hometown dates. Tia, Becca, Lauren and Kendall are the four lucky ladies who get to sweep Arie away to their respective hometowns, and in doing so, introduce him to their friends and family in hopes of scoring some approval. Longtime fans of the franchise may have to keep their eyes peeled for a certain old friend to show up on their screens once more, though. will Raven be on Tia's Bachelor hometown episode?

We can't know for sure, but Raven, who appeared on Nick Viall's Bachelor season and participated in Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season, could possibly be around when Tia embarks back to her roots with Arie in tow. The two are friends, and Raven appeared briefly in the first episode of this season, when Tia was first being introduced to the show's viewers. The two are self-proclaimed "BFFs," and Raven had some sweet advice to bestow upon her after serving her own time with the franchise. "Just always remember you're not as bad as what your worst critic says you are and you're not as great as what your biggest fan says you are. Find the balance, enjoy the ride," Raven wrote in an Instagram post along with a picture of herself and Tia.

The reality star, who, like Tia, is also from a small town in Arkansas, has also hinted on Twitter that she may be present when Arie and Tia head back home for introductions. "Will Tia & Arie see me next week?" she wrote. "I guess we'll find out." The abundance of smirking and winking faces in that tweet leads one to believe that there's a really good chance Raven will make an appearance back in the world of The Bachelor, which would be an awesome callback for fans who adored her when she was a full-time cast member.

It'd be a great visit from someone who has been a part of multiple iterations of the Bachelor franchise, and someone who hasn't been shy about voicing her opinions on this season. Raven has worked this season on writing guests articles for Bustle, and has had a lot of insights regarding Arie and the ladies. She likely would also have some more advice from Tia, whom she likely hadn't spoken to at the time — since Tia had gotten so far in the competition and the women have limited contact with the outside world during their time in the house. Raven was one of the final contestants left during Nick's season, so she's been in Tia's shoes before and would have good advice for her friend.

"With that confusing episode behind us, I’m so excited to go to these girls' homes and meet their families!" Raven wrote in her latest Bustle piece. "My hometown was one of my favorite memories with Nick and The Bachelor experience. I hope it is for these girls, too..."

Regardless of whether Raven shows up — though her appearance seems inevitable — hometown visits this season are shaping up to be interesting. Arie and Lauren B. made some serious strides in their relationship recently, confessing to each other that they're officially "falling in love." Sure, Arie got up from their dinner table and took a lap around Tuscany before he came back to return her affections — seriously, what was that? — but it's apparently love all the same. Becca K., Tia, and Kendall are all still very much in the competition, too. It's going to be really interesting to see what they're like in the comfort of their hometowns. Viewers will get to see these women in their true elements, and hopefully, there are some pleasant surprises (like Raven's appearance) along the way.