This Hack For Fixing The Weird “I” Bug On Your iPhone Will Work, But It Has A Catch

With every Mac iOS iPhone update, there seems to be something ~annoying~ tagging along with the good. The most recent iOS 11.1 update is no exception. While we warmly welcome seventy new emojis to our keyboard, we also get the "I" to "A ?" bug. Alas, such is the balance of life. Don't toss your iPhone at the wall just yet, there are several ways to help cure your phone. The question is, will restoring your iPhone fix the "I" bug? Because, it's definitely a thing that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The frustrating bug is infecting iPhone users means of expression and communication across generations and celebrity status.

Sometimes we find the most frustration in the little things. The iPhone "I" to "A ?" bug is up there on the nuisance spectrum as it holds your message hostage. But you can stay zen as Apple surely works tirelessly to fix this hiccup in the perfection of an operating system upgrade. A band of iPhone users and unofficial sleuths have eased our technological pain by finding several DIY solutions to the problem, saving us a trip to the Genius Bar and a headache. Isn't it nice to see the Apple community come together to calm the chaos of an iOS bug? This is why we can have nice things. Take a few deep breaths in and out. You're about to get a fix.

While the root of the problem remains at large, this bug has been reported to affect keyboards across iPhone generations and users (Aidy Bryant is the latest to be bit by the bug). The correction in a commonly used pronoun to a random letter and symbol is not limited to your text messages. If you try to type "I" in your Instagram captions, Facebook, or Twitter posts, you might have an issue with expressing yourself coherently. No platform is excused from the bug as this issue seems to have something to do with your iPhone keyboard in general.

This communication error can be fixed in a few swift, easy steps. It's not like you have to operate on your phone. Some rumors swirling insinuate that restoring your phone fixes the bug. Not so fast. Restoring your phone might have worked for some people, but it is not the most effective way to solve your bug in the long run. There are temporary fixes to tide you over until we are forever released from this specific nuisance with that next iOS.

If you've updated to iOS 11.1 and caught this bug — some users report it rolling out across iPhones at separate times, so beware — restoring won't do anything significant unfortunately. While Apple Insider reports that some users found a very temporary fix to the bug by restoring, the Apple Support Community at large suggests finding solace in other modes of fixing the problem. Thankfully, that's as easy as 1-2-3.

Instead of restoring, try turning off your Predictive Text. This alternative way of defending your keyboard from the bug has helped a number of affected users. Because as MacRumors suggests, the problem could be linked to the keyboard feature that predicts what word you'll use next. In order to turn off Predictive Text just go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Turn Off Auto-Correction and Predictive. Voila, you might have taken care of this headache faster than it takes to open the ibuprofen bottle.

But, if the issue persists, Apple Support themselves has officially offered a fix that could work for everyone. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. From there, tap +. For Phrase, type in "I" and for Shortcut type in "i". Users say that this has been the most helpful and seemingly "permanent" fix until that software update rolls around.

Good luck! A ? wish you the best. Just kidding! I wish you the best.