'Santa Clarita Diet' Is Bound To Rise Again

Erica Parise/Netflix

Netflix's new horror comedy show Santa Clarita Diet premieres on Friday, Feb. 3 and though the series was originally billed as a romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore, fans have since discovered that it has a pretty edgy twist: Barrymore's character is dead. Well, undead. That's right, the titular diet consists of human flesh and bone because Barrymore is a zombie. Captivated yet? With zombies, love, and laughs, this show already has it all, even though it hasn't premiered yet. With so much to offer, Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 seems like a given, but unfortunately, it's not a sure thing just yet.

Netflix hasn't officially renewed the series for a second season, but chances are high. The streaming service almost always renews original series for a second season, if not more, and this show has serious star power. I mean, I mentioned Barrymore already, right? She's joined by Timothy Olyphant, Nathan Fillion, and more, with an impressive roster of guest stars. And they're hardly the only draw, as the odd premise works surprisingly well and is bound to draw in a large audience. So even though it's not guaranteed, your brain can happily consume a show about consuming brains, knowing that more episodes are very likely ahead.

Of course, you'll still need to wait for another season. So once you've devoured Santa Clarita Diet Season 1, here are some other horror-comedies to check out.

'Scream Queens'

While the Chanels deliver laughs, the FOX series can be totally gruesome. If horror comedy is your thing, Scream Queens will be your new favorite show and you can watch it on Hulu.


While iZombie is a lighthearted police procedural, let's not forget that the main character, like Drew's in Santa Clarita Diet, is undead and figuring out how to humanely eat human brains. Catch up with The CW show's first two seasons on Netflix.

'The X-Files'

Quirk, terror, humor, conspiracies, sexual tension... The X-Files seriously had it all. The original nine seasons are available on Netflix.

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

While Buffy was a likable high school teen with relatable drama, she spent most of her time battling some pretty horrifying monsters like the badass she is. Relive the '90s WB series now on Netflix.

'Twin Peaks'

Comedy may not be the right the word, but this show is possibly one of the most quirky in television history. Just don't let its whimsy fool you, Twin Peaks could also be downright frightening. Watch the gone-too-soon, two-season series on Netflix.

'Being Human'

Being Human, both the North American and UK versions, dished out monsters and heartfelt moments alike. Both iterations of the supernatural show about ghost, werewolf, and vampire roommates are available on Netflix.

Hopefully, by the time you finish these series, Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 will be on its way to make you laugh and cringe once again.