Every Burning Question 'Santa Clarita Diet' Needs To Address In Season 4

Saeed Adyani / Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Santa Clarita Diet Season 3. Drew Barrymore's zombie comedy is back on Netflix, but after that third season finale, we kind of need Santa Clarita Diet Season 4, like, ASAP. There are a lot of unanswered questions hanging in the balance, and we need answers now, please!

As revealed in the final moments of Season 3, Joel is now a zombie. At least, that's what seems to have happened. The whole thing is a little unclear. But after seeing Mr. Ball Legs crawl into Joel's ear and kill him, take over his brain (?), and Sheila bite him as a desperate attempt to bring him back to (assumedly undead) life, there's so much Santa Clarita needs to unpack. You can't just turn Joel and end the series, right? That would be beyond cruel.

And while they're at it, Season 4 might also be the right time to explore what exactly the various Mr. Ball Legs want in the world, and who's side they're on in all of this. Are they an extension of their zombie's psyche, like a witch's familiar, or something more sinister? Joel will probably have one of his own now, too, and considering how he feels about them, that could get very interesting.

There's also a lot more to cover with the Knights of Serbia on Santa Clarita Diet. Poplovic may be dead, but there was someone on the other side of that camera we saw at the start of the season, so he's certainly not the last evil anti-aging entrepreneur that will be on Joel and Sheila's tail. Not to mention the actual "knights," who just want to rid the world of the undead. And on a happier note, we need to see what happens with Eric and Abby.

Plus, the cast of Santa Clarita Diet is ever-changing, and Season 4 could be another opportunity for some more exciting guest appearances and new characters. Season 3 added Shalita Grant and Goran Visnjic. Who knows who could pop up in Season 4.

That being said, Netflix has been on a bit of a cancelation spree lately, with shows like One Day At A Time, Fuller House, American Vandal, Friends from College, and the entire Defenders universe of Marvel series all gone. Will Santa Clarita Diet be the next fan favorite to get the ax? It would be a shock, and there would surely be social media outrage to follow, but we have to prepare for the possibility. The streaming service doesn't release their data, so it's impossible to guess what Santa Clarita's viewership numbers are, or how much of a priority the series is for Netflix.

Still, with Barrymore and her production company Flower Films at the helm, it seems likely that the show will keep going until they've finished telling the story that they set out to tell. With so many new plot twists and a heck of a cliffhanger, one can only assume that the series isn't over yet. Hopefully, Santa Clarita will come back and tie up all of these new loose ends.