'Veep' Season 6 Explores Selina's Life After The White House

by Caroline Gerdes
Justin M. Lubin/HBO

Veep returns for a sixth season on Sunday, April 16. And in these new episodes, fans are going to see Selina Meyer (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) in a new role. She's been veep and president, but now she's an ex-president. So, with a Season 5 cliffhanger that showed Selina's one-year presidential term at a close, fans are wondering if she can somehow make it back to the White House. Will Selina Meyer run for president again on Veep?

In a recent Today Show interview, actor Reid Scott, who plays former Meyer adviser Dan Egan, discussed where fans will find the characters in Season 6 of Veep. He explained that the gang has sort of disbanded now as private citizens, and that includes Selina. He also said that the show is comedically depicting what really happens when an administration leaves office. "Where do these people go?" Scott asked. For Dan on Veep, that's a new gig at CBS News. Though, Scott joked that his character is just as conniving in his new job as he was in Washington.

Scott was more tight-lipped when host Jenna Bush Hager inquired about Selina's future, she asked "Could [Selina] run again?" To which Scott responded, "You're going to have to watch and find out." You can check out Scott's full Today Show appearance below.

While Scott left the door open to Selina running again, showrunner David Mandel seemed to have closed it in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last year. When asked if there was "no chance" of Selina remaining president, Mandel responded that the Season 5 finale outcome was no fake-out. He said:

"There is no twist. From one of the early moments that they started talking to me about the show and I learned about the [Season 4 finale] election tie, in my soul of souls, I felt like she could not win the presidency. Her winning the election would be giving her what she wants. The comedy of Veep and Selina Meyer is her never getting what she wants ... Selina is this accidental president and history will regard Montez as the winner of the 2016 election. Selina never won an election and the idea of another woman who’s confident, and a little younger with a happy family, loving husband and nice kids — that is the worst thing.

In the same THR interview, Mandel added that he had been reading things saying that Veep will find a way to put Selina in the titular role again. But Mandel crushed those dreams, too. "It made me so happy that we didn’t do that," the showrunner said. "Who would want to go backwards to a show about her being vice president again? That show was done and was done great. We’re going to get to see the former President Of The United States in the next stage of her career and to some extent, the quest for relevancy."

Justin M. Lubin/HBO

It seems that Selina Meyer is out of the White House, at least for now. But the political loopholes and bureaucratic incompetence are what make Veep the smart, surprising comedy that it is. So while Selina is starting a new chapter this season, there is no way of guessing just where it will lead.