'Stath Lets Flats' Was A Serious Hit So Here's When To Expect More Of The Hilarity

Stath Lets Flats / Channel 4

The London renting scene can often feel like one big joke. Turning up to viewings to find half of the capital is interested in the same flat as you, or forking out well over half your monthly income for a house that feels like it might fall down at any moment. Sound familiar? Urgh. So it makes sense that Channel 4 would turn the perils of flat-hunting in London into a hilarious comedy. But will will there be a Series 2 of Stath Lets Flats?

Update: Stath Lets Flats returns for Series 2 on Aug. 19, 2019, at 10 p.m. on Channel 4.

Previously: Series 1 of the sitcom followed letting agent Stath (Jamie Demetriou) as he tried (and mostly failed) to lease some seriously sub-par flats for his family's north London business Michael & Eagle – pointing out the benefits of a shower, getting up close and personal with laminate flooring, and smacking kitchen cupboards to show how strong they were. And it seems pretty fair to say, some of his techniques to stave off competition from slick operators and rival agents, Smethwick were certainly unusual.

However, according Demetriou, a lot of Stath's weird and wonderful techniques were actually based on things he'd seen real estate agents do during his research for the show. He told Channel 4: "We did a couple of viewings and I’d look out for little mannerisms. A lot of it has ended up in the show actually. I had notes out on my iPhone and made a list as long as your arm of little idiosyncratic things that people would do."

Demetriou went on to reveal that he once went to check out a flat, only to discover that the property didn't have working lights. The letting agent he was with at the time tried to convince him that this was a good thing as it mean that he would be the first tenant to live in the apartment with the lights on. He laughed:

"It was amazing! Like with all comedy the real thing is usually less believable. I’ve got so many stories that we couldn’t put in because they’re just too out of this world. I think that Stath is sort of verging on being a heightened show but I honestly do think that a lot of the time truth is stranger than fiction."

The other key characters in the show include the company's top agent (and Stath's biggest competition), Carole, the ever so handsome Al, and Stath's sister Sophie, who is played by his Demetriou's actual rea life sister Natasia Demetriou.

Channel 4

Opening up about what it was like to work with her brother, Natasia said in a press release issued to Bustle UK: "It was a dream come true. I think I had tears of happiness in my eyes for most of it. It was just heavenly getting to work with him and seeing him every day. Our trailers were right next door to each other.

"The cast were all made up of my best friends and the funniest people. And then on top of that, you’ve got my brother who I just want to wrap up in a blanket and carry in my pocket with me wherever I go. It was very emotional and lovely."

So is a Season 2 in the works? I touched base with Channel 4 to find out. A spokesperson tells me: "No decision has been made yet but we will keep you posted. Sometimes a decision isn’t made until after the series has aired." While that's not a resounding yes, it's not a no either, so fingers crossed.

On social media, there are plenty of people calling for the comedy's return already, so with any luck, more episodes are just around the corner. And there's certainly plenty of ground left to cover. Is romance on the cards for Sophie and Al? Will Stath and Carole be able to salvage their working relationship after their night of passion? And will Stath ever be made manager of Michael & Eagle, or will Carole secure the top spot?

Let's face it, the London renting scene isn't showing signs of improving any time soon, so the show's writers won't be lacking in inspiration on that front. Therefore, bring on Season 2, I say.

In the meantime, if you missed out on any of the series so far, or if you simply want more of Stath's ridiculous antics in your life, you can watch the full first season on Channel 4's catch up service now.

But don't forget to tune in to the final of Series 1, which airs on Channel 4 on Wednesday, August 1 at 9 p.m.