Stefan Could Die In 'TVD' Series Finale

Bob Mahoney/The CW

The countdown to the end of The Vampire Diaries has begun, and with every episode that passes, fans are getting more and more scared of losing their favorite characters. We know someone will die in the Vampire Diaries finale, but fans have no idea who the victim is going to be. Of all the possible choices, it seems like Stefan Salvatore will die in the show's series finale. I know, it's depressing to even think about, but many fans suspect Bonnie will be the one to take the fall, and the ultimate twist would be saying goodbye to one of the Salvatore brothers for good instead. After all, this show is about them, and if any characters were considered "major," it would be Damon and Stefan.

Entertainment Weekly recently revealed that the finale episode of the Vampire Diaries would include a devastating death. “We wanted to go big, emotionally, with the action, and with the spectacular of it,” showrunner Julie Plec said of the finale. Co-creator Kevin Williamson added, "We were absolutely feeling epic." EW teased the death even further by saying in a behind-the-scenes video, "I think fans are really going to be impacted." The only thing worse than losing Stefan would be losing Damon, and I just don’t see Elena waking up to Damon being dead. That would be the worst ending ever. Do you hear me, Julie Plec? Don’t do that to us.

So it seems that Stefan is the likely victim, and here's why his death would make a lot of sense.

Stefan Would Be At Peace

Stefan's conscience has always been a constant struggle for him on the show and it seems like dying would be the only way for him to be at peace with all the death he's caused — not to mention the guilt he felt when he turned Damon into a vampire all those years ago. It seems like Stefan's death would be the only way he can move on from that suffering he always feels.

Damon And Elena Could Live Happily Ever After

With Stefan alive, Elena will always come second when it comes to Damon. If he died, Damon would feel OK with taking the cure and living a human life with Elena. I’m not saying that Damon and Elena’s happiness is contingent on Stefan’s death, but a lot of people want Stefan dead and Damon won’t be able to protect him if he’s human, too.

Stefan’s Human Now

I don't know how Matt Donovan stayed alive for so long, but Stefan has been human for a total of five minutes and he's already almost died twice. Clearly, he doesn't have great chances of making it much longer as it is. Also, let’s not forget that vampire blood can no longer cure him. It just makes sense to put him out of his misery before someone else comes seeking revenge.

It Would Allow For Klaroline To Come Back

I truly did love Stefan and Caroline together, but I have to say that I will always be shipping Caroline and Klaus. If there's any chance that Caroline flees to New Orleans for The Originals, I am fully on board. I could not ask for a better twist. Stefan's death might push that along.

The Cycle Needs To End

When Damon and Stefan aren’t saving each other, they are trying to hurt each other and there’s been a cycle of that since they both turned into vampires. In order for that cycle to end, one of them will need to die. It’s the only way.

It Would Be Heartbreaking

Let's be honest, if Matt Donovan or Alaric died, we would be sad, but it wouldn't be the most heartbreaking thing to happen. If Stefan died, it would be devastating.

Let the guessing game begin.