DJ & Steve Could Finally Be Hearing Wedding Bells On 'Fuller House' This Season

Steve and DJ could still be endgame on Fuller House.

Fuller House may be gearing up to debut its fifth and final season to the masses, but before the Fullers, Tanners, and Gibblers take one final bow, there are still a few important loose ends that need to be tied up once and for all — like Steve and DJ's relationship status. Based on the trailer for Season 5, Steve and DJ could get married on Fuller House at least if DJ has anything to say about it.

Candace Cameron Bure, who plays DJ, spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the show's final season back in February, and hinted that at least one wedding will be taking place. "I think there's gonna be some wedding bells!" Cameron Bure told the outlet. "I think probably wedding bells — who knows for which couple, but we have plenty to choose from."

Unfortunately for DJ and Steve shippers, there are many couples who could be the ones tying the knot this season. The end of Season 4 saw Jimmy propose to Stephanie shortly after they welcomed their baby into the world, which means it could be their wedding that Cameron Bure is referring to. Then again, Kimmy and Fernando are also engaged and doing really well, so it's just as likely it'll be there wedding instead. That's not to say that DJ and Steve couldn't also end up getting married as well (triple wedding, anyone?), but it's certainly not a guarantee, even though it honestly should be at this point.

Ever since Steve walked into DJ's life on the original Full House all the way back in 1992, he managed to worm his way into the hearts of fans worldwide. High school relationships aren't known to last, but their bond has withstood the test of time and ultimately made them stronger as a couple. Through breakups, engagements, and long distance, these two have overcome plenty of obstacles to make it to this point and it'd be a shame if that patience wasn't rewarded.

Plenty of viewers have wanted to see these two be each other's endgame since all the way back to the original series. What better way to wrap up their love story than by allowing them to make their commitment to one another official?

Let's just hope that their relationship only continues to grow in Season 5 and give these high school sweethearts the happy ending they (and the audience) deserve.