Will 'Team Ninja Warrior' Return For Season 3? The Franchise Seems To Be Going Strong

Brandon Hickman/USA Network

On June 27, the finale of Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 will determine which group of three America Ninja Warrior veterans is supreme. But will Team Ninja Warrior return for Season 3? There's been no official news about any future seasons yet — either positive or negative — but if there is a third season of the reality competition series on the horizon, it likely would premiere in spring, like Season 2.

As for chances of renewal, USA recently acquired Team Ninja Warrior, according to Deadline. So after just a single season on the new network (sister to the original, Esquire), it seems unlikely that the series would be cancelled. If USA wasn't planning on taking the series beyond Season 2, why the network shift? Fans of the extreme athletic competition should be cautiously optimistic.

Either way, during the off-season, Team Ninja fans can stay invested in the franchise by following the original series, American Ninja Warrior. The teams on Team Ninja Warrior are made up of contestants who've mastered the course on that series. So you can follow the ninth season as it airs on NBC, keep track of your favorite competitors, analyze their times, and hope that they have the team spirit necessary to collaborate with two other Ninja vets on the team-oriented spin-off. And Season 9 will feature some of the most challenging obstacles the show has ever seen, so these athletes could potentially leave even fierce past champions in the dust.

American Ninja Warrior on YouTube

The deadline for the most recent American Ninja Warrior casting call was on Jan. 2. Tough news for those who wanted to apply to be on the show in Season 10. But those who are simply fans of watching men and women achieving superhuman feats should get excited, because the finals of the tenth season of American Ninja Warrior wrapped up in Las Vegas on June 24.

With all of these new American Ninja Warriors fighting for the championship, there's bound to be a few who come close, but don't quite measure up. The perfect place to prove themselves and get a second shot at the title and the prize money? Team Ninja Warrior, of course. Tracking possible teammates for a potential Season 3 is a great way to pass the time between the Season 2 finale and USA's decision about if and when Team Ninja Warrior might return.