These Are The Odds Of A Kylie Valentine Restock

Kylie Cosmetics launches drop with insane fanfare and this one was no different. The Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day 2017 collection landed and the range features the Kylie's Diary palette with nine eyeshadows and two blushes, which are the brand's first, new matte lippies, and mini eyeshadow and lip product sets. It is small, focused, and absolutely fabulous. Some items sold out on the quick, like the bundle and the Mini Matte collection; others are still available for now but should sell out sooner than later.

While Valentine's Day is right around the corner on Tuesday, Feb. 14, I can't help but wonder if the brand will restock the full collection. While these products are attached to a specific holiday, they can all be worn when we are prepping for Easter or summer. Is Kylie Cosmetics restocking the Valentine’s Day Collection?

All signs point to "maybe." And that's a firm "maybe."

In an Instagram post and Tweet on launch day, which was Feb. 2, the brand stated that "this may be your only chance" and noted "One Time Only." That sounds like the Valentine's Day 2017 collection, which is limited edition, won't be restocked.

The packaging has been tweaked to reflect the fiery hue associated with this lovers' holidays.

This caption was posted alongside the photo. It's slightly contradictory, since it says this "may" be your only chance. That's conditional. But it's immediately followed by "One Time Only," which sounds pretty definitive and specific. The caption is at odds with itself and that's actually fine by Kylie Cosmetics fans, I'm sure, since it give us one thing: HOPE!

But then again, this is Kylie Cosmetics and the brand lurves to surprise its loyalists with restocks of limited products here and there.

The Koko Kollection, ko-kreated with Kylie Jenner's big sister Khloe Kardashian, came back, as did the Birthday Edition collection after they were supposed to be long gone!

Plus, the customer base is so rabid and dedicated that they would without question shop these products after Val Day. So if Jenner brought them back for one last go on, say, Feb. 16 or Feb. 20, I doubt she'd have any issue moving stock.

Right now, it sounds like a restock isn’t likely... but this could have been a tease to keep us on our toes.

I'm sticking with "maybe" on this one, all the while hoping, wishing, and praying to the makeup gods for a restock. That said, there's still stock on the site, so go ahead and shop!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (6)