'The Last Man On Earth's Fate Is Unknown

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For you to be a fan of The Last Man on Earth, you have got to be a fan of Will Forte's specific brand of humor. And if you are, then Fox's comedy is a genuine delight for you week after week. With the hour-long Season 3 finale airing on May 7, it's with a heavy heart that I report that The Last Man on Earth hasn't been renewed for Season 4.

Actually, The Last Man on Earth has yet to be renewed or canceled as of the publishing of this article. That means there is still hope that Phil (I mean, Tandy) and the gang could return for more antics in a world where only they exist. In an interview with TVLine back in March, Forte said that the Season 3 finale is by no means a series finale and that it will leave fans wanting more. He said:

"The finale of Season 3 would be a real bummer for people if it didn't come back for a fourth season, because there's something that happens [in the episode] that opens the gateway to the possibility of stuff."

He noted his show's renewal is all dependent on ratings, so there's nothing fans can do now but wait for what Fox will decide to do and watch the action-packed Season 3 finale that will feature Erica giving birth.

Forte made it clear that he wants the show to continue, telling TVLine, "I do hope we get a fourth season ... It's just such a wonderful group of people to work with." And if you can't get enough of Tandy, Carol, Todd, Melissa, Gail, and Erica, then you are hoping the same. Plus, the show doesn't lack ingenuity and has so many unexpected places still to go. But even the prospect of the expected things has me eagerly awaiting the fate of The Last Man on Earth and here are some of the plot points that could happen if the series is renewed for a Season 4.

Gail & Erica's Relationship Will Continue To Develop
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As long as Erica survives giving birth in the Season 3 finale, Season 4 could explore her relationship with Gail. The six-month time jump in the April 30 episode, "The Big Day," showed that these women are in a romantic relationship now, so the series opened up the door to have a lesbian couple raise a baby and it would be such a missed opportunity if that didn't come to pass.

Carol Will Have Her Baby
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Speaking of babies, since Carol became pregnant a few weeks after Erica, her baby is due soon. If the series doesn't have her going into early labor in the Season 3 finale, then Season 4 will need to have Carol giving birth. And while Erica's fate may be unknown, I would be shocked if The Last Man on Earth killed off Carol — or her baby with Tandy. After all, Carol and Tandy becoming parents will provide enough absurd material for seasons to come.

Jasper's Backstory Will Be Revealed
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Jasper was finally talking after the six-month time jump, but viewers still have no idea how this child had survived by himself once mostly everyone died of the virus. If the Season 3 finale doesn't cover it, Season 4 surely can — and maybe even reveal his actual name. After all, I sincerely doubt his real name has anything to do with the backpack company JanSport.

The Group Will Perform More Songs
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Todd really killed it in Season 3 with his renditions of Sugar Ray's "Fly" and Fine Young Cannibals' "She Drives Me Crazy" (with Gail accompanying him on the accordion, of course), so I can't wait to see what other songs the group will perform in a potential Season 4.

Tandy's Eyebrows Will Grow Back
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OK, maybe they won't actually ever grow back as "The Big Day" showed, but either way, I require that Forte does more outrageous things with his body hair.

Kristen Wiig Will Be On The Show
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After the series came back from its hiatus, Kristen Wiig had her own episode where it was revealed she was the person behind the drone. In that interview with TVLine where Forte talked about Season 3 finale, he said, "I'm really excited about how it ends… And I think that people probably have a good idea what it is." The safe assumption is that Wiig's Pamela Brinton will finally find the crew, so she could be more of a recurring character if Season 4 happens and I'd love to see how she fits into the group's dynamic. Let's hope she found Jeremy the dog in the meantime too!

Jason Sudeikis Could Return
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Although Tandy's brother Mike Miller is presumably dead from the virus, the series didn't show his death, which means Jason Sudeikis could always return. Considering Tandy and Mike's karaoke rendition of "Falling Slowly" from Once makes me laugh-cry just thinking about it, I'm all about these Saturday Night Live alums reuniting on The Last Man on Earth as brothers again eventually.

Other Guest Stars Will Appear
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The fact that The Last Man on Earth isn't scared to kill the survivors of the virus, it's the perfect show for cameos by amazing guest stars. For instance, when Carol scared Will Ferrell's character Gordon to death in Season 2 or when Laura Dern appeared in Wiig's episode. Forte obviously has some pull in the comedy community and if the show continues, other hilarious guest stars will follow. Some of my top picks? Forte's The Brothers Solomon costar Will Arnett since those two have some seriously bizarre chemistry. Or Mary Steenburgen's (who plays Gail) real-life husband Ted Danson since he's always a delight.

They Will Relocate Again
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Each season has provided a new locale for the group to settle in, so it should be expected that they'll move again if Season 4 happens. Perhaps they'll head to the Pacific Northwest or move inland and explore what else the U.S. has to offer. But no matter where they end up, hilarity will certainly follow.

Based on these reasons, Fox must renew The Last Man on Earth. But if the network doesn't, maybe the show can have the same fate as another one of my beloved canceled Fox shows — The Mindy Project — by finding a second life on Hulu.