'The Magic School Bus Rides Again' Has Something For Everyone, From '90s Diehards To Brand New Fans


The Magic School Bus Rides Again hit Netflix Sept. 28 and, although it's technically a reboot, it will still bring the '90s nostalgia flooding back. With SNL's Kate McKinnon signing on to play Fiona Frizzle and driver of said magic school bus, it's looking like a promising reboot. So, fans are likely already wondering, will The Magic School Bus Rides Again Season 2 happen? Or will this be a short-lived trip back to everyone's youth?

While there hasn't yet been an official announcement that The Magic School Bus Rides Again will receive a second season, it is still extremely early for any kind of renewal announcement. After all, the debut season has just been released for streaming on Netflix. And, although the platform doesn't release ratings information, it will be easy to see whether people are digging the reboot simply by scanning around on social media for the first couple of weeks that it debuts. Nineties kids are notoriously critical of '90s staples getting the reboot treatment, and The Magic School Bus was a fan favorite for its entire three year original run. Honestly, what child wasn't fascinated by Ms. Frizzle and her ability to fly a bus into a digestive tract?

Luckily, Netflix is fairly well known for its leniency with its own series renewals. Netflix shows almost always get a followup season (with only a handful of exceptions), and with Magic School Bus Rides Again already have such a built-in following plus the potential for a whole new audience of young kids, it's probably likely that it will get that second season — possibly sometime in the six-12 month range which is standard for Netflix. (Probably closer to six months, since Netflix's kids shows tend to have a quicker release system than the dramas.)

While the reboot will take a lot of notes from the original series, like using the classic, "OK, bus, do your stuff!" line in the trailer and visiting places like the human body and outer space, there are definitely some changes that diehard purists are going to have to try to evolve with for this updated version. For one, Ms. Frizzle is technically still Ms. Frizzle but she is actually Fiona Frizzle (Kate McKinnon), the original Mr. Frizzle's (Lily Tomlin) younger sister. You see, the elder Frizzle has been promoted to Professor Frizzle, so younger sis is taking things over for her on the bus.

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Besides a new Frizzle in town, there will be some changes with the kids as well. Sure, they look a lot like the cast of students from the original and bear the same names like Arnold and Ralphie, but with the rise in technology since the original series came off the air in 1997, things like cell phones, selfies, and, well, the internet are going to play heavily into the narrative this time around. According to the Netflix series' site, there is even an episode where the group will take a cruise across the internet. Obviously times have changed a bit since the original, and it makes sense that this reboot would want to make sure to touch upon that instead of completely ignoring how different things are for kids today.

Aside from taking a ride into the internet, the Netflix site's episode guide shows that Ms. Frizzle will also be taking her class on trips that are particularly relevant for today's world, like seeing the creations of the glaciers (possibly to highlight their impending demise?) and an episode focusing on alternative energy sources. Obviously, it doesn't appear that this show will shy away from the important, modern science topics that concern viewers today.


Can you hear that sound? It's the sound of delighted '90s kids everywhere rejoicing for the opportunity to join the new Ms. Frizzle on the most famous school bus on the planet, as it glides through the galaxy, explores the inside of the human body, or scoots along the bottom of the ocean with sea creatures. Check out Season 1 of The Magic School Bus Rides Again now streaming on Netflix.