Bran's Plan To Take Down The Night King On 'GoT' Can Go Wrong In So Many Ways

Helen Sloan/HBO

The stage is set for the biggest Game of Thrones battle in history, and the antagonist responsible for it could finally come face to face with a lot of our heroes for the first time. But whether or not the Night King dies in the Battle of Winterfell of Game of Thrones or not, the Seven Kingdoms are in for some major changes.

For the alleged Big Bad of Westeros, whose army of the dead has been teased since the very first scene of the HBO series, we sure don't know a lot about who he is and what he wants. The Blue Man hasn't even spoken a single word. In Season 8, Episode 2, Bran revealed that the Night King wants to erase human history and memory by bringing about a Long Night. Hopefully there's more to it than that, because otherwise, why do we care? There are so many more characters on Game of Thrones with motivations fans are actually invested in that need to be resolved.

The prophet formerly known as Bran Stark claims that the Night King will come after him first in order to achieve his goal. Ergo, he's going to wait in the Godswood in plain sight, with Theon Greyjoy as a bodyguard. Up above, either Daenerys or Jon will attempt to "Dracarys" him to smithereens.

It's a fine plan and all, but there's no way it's going to be that easy, not without some kind of villain monologue explaining why the heck they're even fighting this battle — but Team Winterfell does seem to have multiple bases covered and enough innovative fighters available to improvise.


Probably the biggest argument for the Night King surviving the 90+ minute episode is this — if he dies, what happens next? There are still three more Game of Thrones episodes to go. Will the armies of Westeros turn on each other, with Cersei, Daenerys, and perhaps the North all fighting for their own sovereignty. What if the Night King dies, but the undead army remains, and a zombie apocalypse overtakes the Seven Kingdoms? It's hard to figure out what the bigger twist would be here, devoting the rest of the series to this silent meanie or taking a hard left turn to a new conflict.

There's also this to think about: what if he's not going to the battle at all? What if the Night King is riding Viserion the ice dragon somewhere else, like King's Landing? It is called King's landing after all.


Whatever happens, prepare for some twists along the way. He could be flying all over Westeros to recruit new members of his army out of the ground everywhere — and turn Game of Thrones into The Walking Dead that way. There's also the theory that the Night King wants to die, and that's why he marched an army into Westeros in the first place. Bran could be totally wrong. It could be over not because of whatever trap the North has set, but because this was the Night King's plan all along.