Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA Is Four Products Strong

Makeup junkies are gearing up for a #ByeMoney collection. Internet beauty influencer and unabashed glow queen Nikkie Tutorials has partnered with OFRA Cosmetics for a new collab. Nikkie x OFRA is scheduled to drop on Wednesday, Mar. 29. The limited edition collection is comprised of four products, all of which were designed by Nikkie herself. There is one tri-color highlighter, because duh! Nikkie's glow is the stuff of online legend at this point, so there's no way she could do a collab minus a highlighter! The set also boasts three long-wearing liquid lippies in super different shades. My question is this: Will Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA products be sold individually or as a bundle only?

Well, it's not quite clear from the brand's social media posts or the Nikkie x OFRA product page on the brand's site, which is also its sales platform. It appears that the Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA collection will be sold as a bundle but the solo status of each product is TBD.

So, Bustle reached out to OFRA reps to inquire about solo vs. bundle status and pricing. They responded via email to confirm that the collection will only be available as a bundle. The price is $79, but customers can use the code "NIKKIE" to save 30% and pay $55.30 for the collection.

Now, it's time to go under the hood to check out the products that these two digitally dominant beauty titans have crafted.

The Everglow Highlighter compact boasts three compartmentalized shades in one pan. There's a frosty white, a neutral shimmer, and a sun-kissed copper. You can use each shade on its own or mix and match for a custom glow. You could create a different variation of glow every time you use it. Leave it to Nikkie and OFRA to create a super unique highlighter.

The liquid lippies have kitschy, witchcraft-inspired names, since Nikkie Tutorials is essentially a makeup sorceress. Meet Nude Potion — a light, neutral nude.

This is Coven — a divinely metallic brown. Since the metallic texture is in right now and '90s browns remain a thing, this shade keeps pace with lip trends.

Spell offers a kick of color, since it's a neon coral pink. Its brightness will balance out any and all glow.

This screen grab is from the OFRA site, which clearly labels the Nikkie Tutorials collection as "limited edition."

It's a "Better Together" collection. But each piece still stands on its own, even if it won't be sold that way for now. Perhaps OFRA will open things up and sell the individual items on their own at some point. You never know, so stay tuned.

Happy shopping later this month.

Images: Courtesy of OFRA (7); OFRA Cosmetics/Instagram (1)