'Unhappy Hour' Fans Have A While To Wait Before They Get A UK Tour

Unhappy Hour Podcast

OK, imagine if you were paid to literally just complain about stuff? Not being funny but — I could effing do that. You could do that. Actually, TBH, we all do it. We just haven't been genius enough to monetise it. But is Matt Bellasai has. Bellasai has an incredibly popular podcast in which he "bitches about all the things we love to hate." Swoon. But will Unhappy Hour tour the UK?

As of yet, there are no plans to take this little nugget of true podcasting joy to old blighty. However, you can download and listen to the podcast, and, let me assure you, you seriously need to. In the Unhappy Hour podcast, he discusses all sorts of fun and furstrating subjects, beginning each show with "Worst Things First," where he rounds up all the worst news of the week, before moving on to the "Deep Dive" section, where Bellasai (you guessed it) dives deep on topics that seriously irk him. Then he finishes off with a "guest complainer." Bellasai carefully selects guests who also love an old winey chinwag, and previous complainers have included Trixit Mattel, Lane Moore, and Adam Rippon. The show has that invaluable ability to make you feel like you are just chatting with your pals, not listening to a podcast.

Who doesn't love a bit of good-old fashioned complaining, am I right? And this guy has established himself as the absolute master of it.

Bellassai began his career working as a comedy writer at Buzzfeed back in 2012. He became enormously popular owing to the well-known weekly video series he produced called Whine About It, which saw him drinking huge glasses of wine and complaining about people while sitting at his office desk.

Bellassai is so beloved that, in 2016, he won the first ever People's Choice Award for Favourite Social Media Star. Maybe it was with this extra little confidence boost that he led him to decide to spread his wine-soaked wings and go into the great, vast universe that is the world of podcasting, creating what we now know as Unhappy Hour.

In 2017, Bellassai released his very own book, titled Everything Is Awful And Other Observations, which is a collection of essays that use his trademark humour to describe life's more annoying attributes, with a few personal anecdotes sprinkled in there.

Back in October 2017, Bellassai told Bustle: "I'd always wanted to write a book. I didn't really know what I wanted to write the book about, but just having written a book was a goal." And speaking about the the more cringe-worthy parts of his book, Bellassai said: "The point of life is picking yourself up and dusting yourself off," Bellassai says. "It sounds cliché, but I talk about Nora Ephron and her whole 'When you slip on a banana, people laugh at you, but then when you tell the story of when you slipped on the banana, it's your story.' I've taken that to heart."

Although it is not looking like Bellassai is set to tour the UK any time soon, his meteoric rise means it is sure to be no time at all before we have him moaning on our shores. Here's hoping.

Listen to Unhappy Hour here