Win A Year’s Supply Of Tarte Cosmetics’ Shape Tape Concealer With This Contest

Courtesy Ulta Beauty

If you’ve ever watched a beauty vlogger on YouTube, then you’ve likely seen this concealer in action. Makeup gurus love the Tarte Shape Tape concealer for its full coverage and that’s why so many of them choose to practically bathe in this stuff. If you’re interested in using the item beauty lover’s can’t stop raving about, you need to find out how to win a year’s supply of Shape Tape Concealer because this is truly a once in a lifetime offer.

According to the Tarte Cosmetics’ Twitter account, the brand’s taking over Ulta Beauty’s Snapchat to give you an amazing opportunity to change your beauty routine for the better. You can check out Ulta Beauty’s Snapchat for the full details, also, but I’ll go ahead and lay it all out for you right now because trust me — you won’t want to miss this.

All you have to do to enter is screenshot the image of Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer from Ulta Beauty’s Snapchat and post it to Twitter with #shapetapenation and both Ulta Beauty and Tarte Cosmetics mentioned in the tweet. You must do so before 5 p.m. ET on Mar. 21 to be eligible to win. At 5 p.m. ET, three lucky Tartelettes will be chosen as winners. And then, 365 days of life-changing beauty can officially begin for three incredibly fortunate folks!

This is an amazing offer, so head over to Ulta Beauty's Snapchat to screenshot the image, like, right now.


Screenshot this image.


Then use #shapetapenation and mention Ulta Beauty and Tarte in the tweet. OK, beuaty lovers, let's break the internet, shall we?

People are already getting in on the action because they can't say enough good things about this product.

Laura Lee describes it as "everything you could ask for in a concealer," so you'd definitely be set with a year's supply of this stuff. Consider your makeup routine made, you know what I'm saying?

Courtesy Ulta Beauty

Double Duty Shape Tape Contour Concealer, $24, Ulta Beauty

Even if you aren't chosen to get 365 days worth of this stuff for free, you can still take advantage of the fact that this highly coveted good is in stock on the Ulta Beauty website.

If you're not already forming a tweet, you're already late to the Shape Tape party! Get busy so you don't miss out on the action!