This Cult-Fave Instagram Makeup Brand Is Getting Into Skin Care & The First Product Is So Good

One of the greatest pleasures in life is scrolling through Instagram and ogling at all the cult-favorite beauty brands in your feed. From all the dreamy palette and brush flatlays to six-second highlighter tutorials to skin care bottles with minimalist labels and millennial pink lotions, you can easily spend hours taking in all the brands. One such famous brand that pops up is Winky Lux, which is known clear lipsticks infused with actual flowers, affordable eyeshadow palettes, and 24-Karat Glimmer Lip Balms. While the brand has us eating out of the palm of its hand when it comes to makeup, Wiky Lux has decided to expand into skin care. And the first skin product from the brand is Dream Gelee Skin Cream.

Knowing that Instagram is all about the imagery, the product itself is as pretty as you would expect it to be. It comes in a smooth glass jar with the name of the product wrapping around the bottom. The lid is as feminine as you please, carved out in a blooming rose motif. It makes you think of a beauty product found on a vanity table in the 1950s, which is part of its appeal.

Dubbed a "moisture power house" by the brand, it's a water-based cooling gel that's meant to hydrate. You can apply it over clean skin in the morning as a base for your makeup, and then slather it on during the evening to nourish your skin while you sleep.

Winky Lux Dream Gelee, $29, Winky Lux

It has a bevvy of hard working ingredients that help heal and soothe your skin, making it a great first product for their blossoming skincare line. There is glycerine, which is a moisture workhorse that draws water from the air and into your skin's outer layer. While doing this magic-like science, it also creates a sealing, protective layer across your skin to stop any moisture loss throughout the day. Then there's aloe vera to cool and fight any inflammation, and salicylic acid that gently unclogs pores and softens your skin cells. Lastly, caffeine is used to reduce puffiness and buff away the appearance of fine lines, while copper heals and hydrates your skin.

Suffice it to say, there's a lot of goodness packed in. You'll wake up with skin that's dewy and well-moisturized, with less puffiness, redness, and fine lines. It's a total winner.

Winky Lux Dream Gelee, $29, Winky Lux

If you're curious about the scent, the cap of the jar would tip you off what to expect. The cream has a light, fresh hint of roses, but the smell disappears once it hits your skin, meaning you won't get a headache wearing it all day.

Winky Lux broke the news of their new skin care product on Instagram, sharing the jar on a millennial pink background. The caption read, "Dream Gelee — our lightweight gel #moisturizer that doubles as a #sleepmask!! AVAILABLE NOW!" So there's another perk for you — not only is it a gel moisturizer, but it's also a great night time mask.

And fans are jazzed. "Omg this sounds so good! I bet it's amazing for the skin," one follower wrote. "Oh, I need me some of this!!!" another shared. "That texture!" one more enthused.

You don't even have to wait to get it. You can get the Winky Lux Dream Gelee for $29 at right now. If you feel like you need more moisture this winter, this is a great product to consider.