This Kitten-Inspired Palette Is Every Cat Lover's Dream

Move over, unicorns. There's a new adorable animal in town, and it's coming for the beauty world. Indie beauty brand Winky Lux just released a Kitten Palette that's purr-fect for fall. It combines stunning autumnal shades and a silky smooth formula all housed in an adorable little package. Basically, it's as fur-lover friendly as a palette can get without actually meowing when you put it on your eyes.

At first glance, it's clear to see that this palette was made with cat lovers in mind. The nine-shade palette has an adorable kitten and flower print all over the palette case. But, as adorable as it is, the real magic doesn't happen until you see what's housed inside.

The cruelty-free palette offers nine shades in a whopping four different formulas. There's holographic, matte, satin and glitter shadows under the hood of this baby. They're all made to be silky smooth, like after a kittens fur. Get it? Don't worry though. No kittens were harmed in the making of this palette.

On top of being cruelty-free, the palette also gluten and paraben-free as well. Plus, just like all other Winky Lux products, this one was made in the United States sans sweatshops. Honestly, you really can't ask for more when it comes to a palette. It's a purchase you can confidently stand behind.

Kitten Palette, $25, Winky Lux

The shades in this palette are absolutely perfect for fall. There's everything from classic transition shades and smokey shades to bold pops of color. Whether your cat-loving heart has a thing for dark ombre eyes or sweet and subtle shades, there's something for you in the Kitten Palette. Plus, you can easily go from a day look to night with the addition of a deep shade at the bottom.

"I was really inspired by the rose and high gold eye trends that are hot this season," Winky Lux founder Natalie Mackey tells Bustle. "The packaging is heavily influenced by my trips to both Paris and Seoul. Our customers are busy so the color story can easily be translated from day-to-night."

And importantly, all colors are said to work with a variety of different skin tones, according to the brand. The cheeky shade names even follow the kitten theme, too. The shades are Purr, Duchess, Strut, Holographic, 9 Lives, Cateye, Romeo, Cheshire, and Boots. Okay, so Holographic is a little on the nose. But the rest are feline-approved.

All of this fun will surely cost you, right? Well, no. Not at all. You can get the entire nine shade palette of furry goodness for just $25. That comes out to about $2.70 per shade, which is about as affordable as it comes.

You can shop the palette on the Winky Lux website right now. The palette is not limited edition, so you have some time to save up. Although you probably won't need to save up for long with such an affordable price.

Kitten Palette, $25, Winky Lux

This is far from the first time animals have been a key influence for Winky Lux. The company has named different shades in previous palettes after their personal and beloved pets. But Winky Lux has never released an entire collection all about a furry creature.

As quirky as the theme of this palette is, it really is a practical and on-trend collection of shadows underneath the kitchy theme. Out of all of the fall palettes out there, this one just might be the most adorable and most wearable.

Kitten Palette, $25, Winky Lux

If you are a cat lover, you probably want to grab your wallet and get to the Winky Lux website meow. Um, I mean now.