If You're Crushing On Wirth From 'Very Cavallari,' Wait Until You See His Puppy On Instagram

Kristin Cavallari said it herself in the promos for her reality show, and she wasn't wrong — her retail store and jewelry line, Uncommon James, boasts a ridiculously hot staff. There are seven on-screen employees who could probably amass a combined million Tinder matches with their attractiveness, so that, on top of the inevitable reality TV drama, makes watching them on Very Cavallari incredibly fun. A retail associate who is no exception to her claim is the chipper, blue-eyed Wirth, whose specific duties at the shop, no one is really sure of. But one thing is for sure: If you don''t follow Wirth Campbell on Instagram already, you're missing out on some quality content.

Some think Kristin keeps him around to use his chiseled strength for moving heavy boxes, and others conspire that he's just another beautiful face of the brand. Regardless, although it has helped, Wirth doesn't seem to need a show on E! to develop a brand of his own. He established a name for himself long before appearing on screen, especially on Instagram, somehow managing to snatch the envious single syllable handle that simply showcases his first name: @wirth. And that alone makes him seem important. Aside from that, though, his profile reveals that Very Cavallari isn't the only celeb-style situation he has going for him.

He Travels. A Lot.

Shannon Ford, Wirth's Uncommon James co-worker and fellow flirt, told culture podcast Make Speidi Famous Again that Wirth has his own "PJ," also known as a private jet. So it looks like Wirth is worth more than you might realize. After all, the dude is full of side hustles — reality TV being one of them. Over the last few months, Wirth has posted Instagram photos from Positano, Mykonos, South Beach, and more.

He Also Works Out. A Lot.

That six-(or eight?) pack didn't come out of nowhere. He shares tons of workout videos in his IG story highlights, and promotes fitness supplements as well (another side hustle).

He's A Model

When he's not sky high in his private jet, Wirth is living in Nashville, Tennessee. He's currently signed with a model agency based there called The Block Agency, which explains his many professional headshots on his profile. And as far as male reality TV star manes go, his is no Leo Dottavio (The Bachelorette, anyone?) but it's definitely up there.

You Can *Purchase* A Shoutout From Him.

For $15, you can pay Wirth to give your closest loved ones the Instagram birthday shoutout of their dreams. Some (20 percent) of the proceeds go to a rotating charity of his choice. You can click the link in his bio (through Cameo) to pay with your debit card right then and there.

He Has A Cute Dog

Let's be honest, the real reason everyone has an Instagram is to look at cute photos of animals. And although Wirth himself gives his followers a lot to drool over, his puppy is even cuter than he is. She's a mini bernedoodle (AKA a bernese mountain dog mixed with a freaking poodle) and her name is Oni. If you don't follow Wirth for any other reason, do it for the dog. Although she does have her own Instagram profile, too. Before we know it, she'll be modeling jewelry for Uncommon James.