Contiki’s New Trip Payment Plan Lets You Travel To Europe For As Little As $50/Month


As the weather gets nicer and the urge to be outside overtakes even the urge to binge watch Netflix on the couch, it's normal to start feeling the travel itch. You know, that feeling of wanderlust where you just want to go somewhere, anywhere, far away from home. You want to explore a new place, try new foods, meet new people, and just get out of your comfort zone a bit on an epic vacation. Unfortunately, planning that epic vacation isn't as easy as imagining it: trips like these are expensive, and paying for one can seem daunting, whether you're putting it on a credit card or paying upfront. That's exactly why Contiki's new trip payment plan, which allows you to pay for any Contiki trip on a monthly basis, such a great idea.

The new payment plan is powered by Uplift, a travel financing site that partners with different brands like Kayak and American Airlines Vacations. Now with their partnership with Contiki, travelers can access even more parts of the world affordably and easily. The way it works is simple: you pick which Contiki trip you want to go on, and then you'll get an option to finance the trip. The price per month ranges from about $220 per month to as low as $30 per month, so what you pay each month really depends on which trip you choose.

Once you settle on a trip and check out the price, you'll be asked to put in all of your information. Just a heads up: depending on your line of credit, the price could increase from what it says on the trip page, so you could be quoted a higher price if your credit score is low. You have 12 months to pay off the trip, and the first payment is due when you book it.

Say the trip you choose requires you to pay $100 each month: you'll pay $100 up front, and then you have nearly a year to pay off the rest of the trip. Paying small installments monthly makes a $2,000 trip seem a lot easier to afford than paying that $2,000 up front, or adding it to a credit card where it just continues to gain interest and cost more. Uplift also allows you to take the trip even if you haven't paid it off yet. And they make things easy by sending payment reminders and taking the money out automatically so that it won't slip your mind. Yes, you're still paying the same amount as everyone else, but you're doing it in a way that makes your life a little easier.


The other great thing about this payment plan is that it's an option for any of their trips - and there are a ton. Contiki puts together so many amazing global trips to look through, whether you want to explore different countries or just stick to one. For example, you could take a 13-day European Discovery trip that allows you to visit cities in London, Amsterdam, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France. It costs as low as $223 per month.

For as low as $68 per month, you could try the Thai Island Hopper East, which gives you nine days on some of Thailand's most gorgeous and picturesque islands. You could even pick a six day Zanzibar Beach Escape for $49 per month. The options range from long trips throughout various countries all over the world to shorter trips in one spot - and you can even pick a trip to explore the United States. There's a 55-day Epic Adventure through America that lets you see all the sights you could image for $818 per month!

What makes this better than a trip you plan yourself? Contiki is a travel service that essentially makes vacations easier and less stressful for you. For these prices, you don't only get a chance to explore - you get add-ons like a Trip Manager as a guide, transportation, most of your meals, and unique excursions to make the most of your travels. You'll also probably bond and make new friends with the other people there, which is always a plus. It's basically a great way to make your Instagram vacation drams a reality — something we can all get on board with.