12 Best Summer Vacation Ideas For Gemini Zodiac Signs That Will Fit Any Budget

by Brittany Bennett
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The dual nature of Gemini — the twins of the zodiac — means that this sign can make the most of any summer vacation. From the beach to a cross country road trip, there are about one million options for the twins. And boredom is never a part of their itinerary. The best summer vacation ideas for Gemini zodiac sign are the kind of vacations that never stop.

Allow me to clarify. Of course summer vacations come to an end. But that vacation has the potential to be non-stop. Especially if you're a gemini. The beach doesn't have to be singular. The best kind of summer vacation for the Twins of the zodiac is the kind that stretches out. Turn a beach into island hopping and you have yourself a satisfied Gemini.

There are plenty of options for a summer vacation. Road tripping, jet setting, city hopping, and general adventuring are all solid options. And, let's be real, a Gemini can make any situation a party. As long as the plan is to constantly be on the go, with a touch of discovering new eateries and uncovering underground parties, it's the right vacation for a Gemini. Constant action might not seem like much of a vacation for another zodiac sign, but for a Gemini, packing in as much as possible whether you're planning on staying close to home or taking on the whole wide world is the way to go — go, go.

Cross Country Road Trip

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A road trip is so much more than being stuck in a car all day. The constantly changing landscape and location holds a Gemini's attention, which isn't the easiest thing to do. Go across the entire country or cover a hefty chunk of the map! With every unique and strange thing there is to see along the way you won't utter "I'm bored" once.

Rome, Italy

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If you're going to stick to only one city, make sure it's a bustling one. With constant ancient sights to visit and an abundance of pasta dishes to make your acquaintance, there will be hardly any time in the itinerary for resting. Save your sleeping for the plane ride home.

The Florida Keys


An island is nice. But for a Gemini, 1,700 is nicer. The Florida Keys are a rich destination for turquoise water and scuba diving. There's so much to see on land and underwater. Exploring the islands by boat or snorkel, this dual environment of land and water will make a Gemini very pleased.

Willamette Valley, Oregon

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The term "wine country" in the United States isn't tethered to Northern California. Book your next summer vacation in Oregon's Willamette Valley and embark on wine tours in an attention grabbing environment. After vineyard hopping, and many sobering glasses of water, explore Oregon by car. Driving to the coast will weave you through fairytale-like forests so majestic they'll make a Gemini fall silent.

Pacific Coast Highway

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Turn up the tunes and roll down the camper van windows. Driving along the coast of California will hold a Gemini's attention for so long you might consider committing to the camper van life year round. Maybe. Almost. Palm trees will turn into Redwoods and this ever-changing landscape in a single state will wow the Twins.

Lake Placid, New York

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Restlessness is common amongst Geminis. While some astrologers would categorize this as a "bad" trait, I say it lends itself to the curiosity that leads us to experience the world fully. Lake Placid, New York provides activity after activity to satiate that go-go-go nature. From hiking to trail running to golfing to learning about Olympic history to swimming, it's never really encouraged to slow down.

New York, New York

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Talk about constant stimulation. New York City might not be everyone's first summer vacation pick, but concrete buildings in lieu of palm trees excites a Gemini. It's the city that never sleeps and Gemini is the sign that won't sleep if it doesn't have to. Embarking on guided history tours and seeing live music at a venue in Brooklyn all in one day ensures that you won't be snoozing through your trip.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam isn't a city distanced from the rest of the world's cultural centers. On the contrary! The city of stroopwafels and wooden clogs, tulips and Gouda cheese, art and biking is connected via train to the other famous bustling cities of Paris and London. City hopping is the ideal summer vacation for an ever curious Gemini.

Seattle, Washington to Vancouver, British Columbia


Why sit still in one country when you can hit two in a day? Seattle and Vancouver both have their own individual attractions worthy of dedicating an entire vacation to. However, separated by the slight distance of 146 miles, a Gemini would delight in taking the opportunity to see both cities in the span of a single vacation period. It's just like, why wouldn't you exercise your passport?

Isle of Skye, Scotland

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Geminis are the Twins of the zodiac for a reason. While we gravitate to more stimulating settings and find it hard to sit down with a book, there is that side of us that appreciates the quieter moments. Scotland's Isle of Skye is the perfect balance of adventure and awe. From the jaw-dropping hikes through the verdant Quiraing to the peaceful pubs of Portree, any Gemini will admit that Scotland "gets" them.

Portland, Maine

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Portland, Maine has been revered as America's greatest food city. And a Gemini with an appetite as well as an appreciation for seafood will feel at home in this New England city. This coastal abode will satisfy on more than just the culinary level. And you'll leave feeling full of adventure, not just lobster.

Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

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In recent years, the Muskoka Lakes region of Ontario, hours north of Toronto, has been likened to the Hamptons. Celebrities including supermodel Cindy Crawford are amongst the A-list cottage dwellers. This awe-inspiring Northern lake landscape combined with the glam world of potential celebrity sightings levels a Gemini's vacation out to be a relaxing and exhilarating getaway.