Woah, These 43 Useful AF Products On Amazon Are Less Than $20

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My most valued possession is my planner. My favorite foundation covers, and sets simultaneously — and unless I'm at a wedding, I carry a backpack. In other words, I'm a pretty practical person. I love all things easy, efficient, and constructive, which is why my ideal shopping spree is filled with shockingly useful products under $20 on Amazon. (I'll let you guess where I purchased the aforementioned planner, foundation, and backpack.)

Yes, you can probably find sub-par versions of all those things at mass retailers, but in my opinion, Amazon is always your best bet. Why? Well, since it's filled with useful AF products that'll captivate every practical person, and it's also the most practical online commerce site, it's pretty much practicality inside practicality. Like Inception, but for products.

You get a massive selection, informative user reviews, and fast shipping that requires you to go no further than your own porch. Plus, more often than not, you're getting some of the lowest prices available — way less than if you were able to find the same item at the mall, and that's not even counting the gas money. So do yourself a favor, scroll through, and add a few to your cart; these practical products are totally worth the investment, especially when the investment is this affordable.

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