This Isn't The Last You'll See Of 'WW's General Antiope

by Taylor Ferber

A fallen Amazonian warrior is never truly lost. And this,Wonder Woman fans, is amazing news. Word is out that a fan-favorite character who sadly passed away in the film will reportedly return to the big screen. Spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman. As reported by AV Club, Robin Wright's character General Antiope will be back for the upcoming Justice League. In Wonder Woman, General Antiope made an impact on audiences, even though she wasn't in a majority of the film. From defying Hollywood ageism to kicking total ass, Antiope quickly became a significant role for fans as Diana's (Gal Gadot) mentor and fighting teacher.

However, Antiope's untimely death comes when U.S. spy Steve Trevor unintentionally leads German soldiers to the land of Themyscira and battle ensues. With that said, how will she return when Wonder Woman joins the rest of the DC Comics crew in Justice League this November?

In a recent interview with the LA Times, Wright joined Gadot and Connie Nielsen (who plays Diana's mother and Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira) to give a little hint at her character's return. Her co-star Nielsen first revealed that both she and Wright will appear in JL. "[We] got to do more in Justice League," Nielsen said. To no surprise, their reprisal will be nothing short of epic.

According to Nielsen, their return will explore their characters's relationship as sisters and it will be "kind of badass." Wright added that fans will see "more of the story [and] get some of the history." Gadot said, "There's a lot more to explore" between both Diana and her mother as well as Hippolyta and Antiope. Therefore, Wright's character will likely be part of a significant flashback, diving into Diana's story and explaining her history further than what was shown in Wonder Woman.

In the highly anticipated Justice League, Wonder Woman joins forces with Batman after he's inspired by Superman to create a team of fighters — Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash — and protect humanity from a new enemy. From the trailer alone, it looks like Wright and Nielsen's characters could appear in another Amazon fight scene that took place when Diana was younger.

Gadot, Wright, and Nielsen's return are surely enough to make WW fans stand outside theater doors on Justice League's opening day.