This Bakery’s Speciality Is Stuffing Cookies With Cookie Dough — And They Ship Nationwide

World's Best Cookie Dough/Instagram

You know that moment when you wake up from a dream and it takes you a second to work out if you’re still in the dream world or not? If all of those amazing things are true or if you're not actually married to a version of Colin Firth whose only job is to walk in and out of a lake? That’s how I’ve felt since I learned about World’s Best Cookie Dough, a New York City shop/bakery/dream-builder who looked at how much you love cookie dough and said, “We can do better.” What makes this place so special? Well, firstly, it’s a cookie dough shop. Yes, there are cookies — obviously — but the focus is on the dough itself. For cookie dough lovers around the world, this is a long-awaited moment. And if you have some nerves about eating raw cookie dough, don’t worry, because it’s totally safe.

“As New York’s Largest cookie dough shop, World’s Best Cookie Dough dishes up raw, edible, safely-made cookie dough right here in New York City,” its website explains. “We like to think it’s all in our name, but we’re not only the best cookie dough store around — with over 50 varieties of sweet treats to choose from, we’re also the largest. Think cups of raw cookie dough goodness, baked cookies stuffed with cookie dough, ice cream, cheesecakes stuffed with dough, and our famous Crazy Freakshakes.” I stopped listening three sentences ago and just wire transferred my entire life savings. I regret nothing.

Seriously, this bakery does amazing things with cookie dough. Perhaps the most impressive is its calling card of cookie dough-stuffed cookies, which can take a moment or two to wrap your head around. The cookie itself is stuffed with cookie dough — but dough that isn’t baked into, you know, a cookie. It stays gooey and delicious and doughy and magical, encased in a perfectly baked cookie. How do they do it? I don’t know, I’m not a witch.

But as they say, it’s not just about the cookies. Not only does the bakery have dough bowls, cookie dough-stuffed burritos, ice creams, and dozens of mix-ins, it also gets brave with its flavor combinations. You can spot a few on its drool-worthy Instagram account, like mint chocolate-infused Cookies and Cream stuffed cookies and a Reese's Cookie Dough Ice Cream sandwich. Seriously, if you’re not salivating and/or a little bit turned on, I don’t know how you can go on in this life.

Now, alas, so far this shop is only open in NYC, giving the folks of the big, cookie dough-stuffed apple a fountain of joy. But don’t fear just yet — because these delicacies ship. That’s right — you may not be able to get everything, but the bakery will ship boxes of dough and boxes of cookies to you. According to Instagram, it ships not only nationwide, but worldwide. Living the dream. The bakery also mentioned on its Instagram that it's hoping to branch out into more vegan options (it already has a vegan chocolate chip) and gluten-free territory, so more and more people can live their lives swimming in a sea of cookie dough, like they always wanted.

Eating straight cookie dough is a childhood dream which has become a beautiful reality — but often with the risk of, you know, poisoning. Safe cookie dough in dozens of shape, flavor, and vehicle combinations is something truly special. World’s Best Cookie Dough has won our attention and, in doing so, has also won my heart.