5 X-23 Spinoff Ideas Worthy Of Laura

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As the third and final Wolverine movie, Logan has a lot riding on it. Logan is its titular character's last ride, his swan song, his finale. And, though the film is a Wolverine movie through and through, it's also going to be known as the X-23 movie (the Wolverine movie with X-23, if we're being generous). Introduced in Logan, X-23, also known as Laura, is known as a female clone of Logan. Just a tween in the film, Laura is the breakout star of Logan. Not only is she fiercely loyal and opinionated, she's also pretty good in a fight. Everyone who sees Logan will fall in love with X-23, which is why I demand a spinoff, and I demand it right now. Looking for ideas, Marvel? Here are five X-23 spinoffs I think, at least, that the world needs right now.

In the canon of X-Men characters onscreen, X-23 is the only rightful successor to Wolverine. I mean, she's basically a young, girl version of everyone's famous X-Men, so it's hard to imagine anyone taking Wolverine's place but her. Now that Jackman has announced that Logan will be his last outing as Wolverine, it might be time for X-Men to stop going back to the past for future films, and instead look to an X-23-filled future. When we leave X-23 in Loganspoiler alert — she's heading off to cross the boarder into Canada with the rest of her mutant clone friends to find sanctuary. What exactly this sanctuary is is unclear, though one might imagine it's something like The School for Gifted Youngsters 2.0. We don't know much about the sanctuary, so in absence of a real sequel concept, here are five possible X-23 spinoffs I would definitely buy tickets to right now.

X-23 As A Vigilante In Canada

Ok, hear me out on this one. The X-Men have never really had a good, old fashioned vigilante that protects a city from everyday evil. As a young girl, Laura would be a perfect secret superhero. Think of her as the girl Spiderman, just more violent. It could still be X-Men, just with a bit of a smaller scale. Less world doom, more juggling high school and crime fighting.

X-23 Goes Looking For Her Mother

In Logan, it's established that Laura doesn't really have a mother. Transigen recruited young girls to act as surrogates, and it's implied that they were all killed after giving birth. But what if they weren't? Can you think of a better superhero origin story than that of a girl fighting a big, bad company to try to get to her mother? This would also mean a road trip for Laura, who would have to make her way back to Mexico, which means going through the U.S. and risking capture at every turn. I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

X-23 & Friends Start Their Own X-Men

X-23 and her fellow Transigen-made mutants ended Logan embracing their powers and using them together in the battlefield. How cool would it be to see a little mini-X-Men group? It would also offer the franchise a fresh new way of approaching the X-Men storyline because this new generation wouldn't have the guidance of Professor X. Instead, they'll be following his lead based on X-Men comics.

X-23 Takes Down Transigen, Revives Mutant Kind

In Logan, it's revealed that Transigen is responsible for the lack of new mutants being born. And, though X-23 and Wolverine appear to take down the head honchos of Transigen at the end of Logan, a company like that doesn't just disappear because of a few deaths. Transigen is probably still operating, and the soft drinks that prevent the mutant gene from being passed down are definitely still being sold. Sounds like X-23 has a new mission: take down Transigen for good, and thus revive the mutant population.

X-23 As A Vigilante Who Works For Women's Rights

It's pure fantasy, but how awesome would it be to watch X-23 grow up while avenging crimes against women in the dark streets of some seedy Canadian town?

As a character, X-23 has endless potential. And I know I'm not the only one hoping we'll see her develop more onscreen after Logan. X-23 deserves her own spinoff movie, and I think many fans would agree that they'd watch it no matter what it was about.