'Game Of Thrones' Hints At A New Romance

Look, you can have your Tormund and Brienne and your Jon Snow and Ygritte (although you can't really have that one anymore, can you?), but I'm all about the Yara and Ellaria relationship Game of Thrones has teased for Season 7. A glimpse in a preview for the upcoming episodes proves that Yara and Ellaria share at least one kissing scene, and I'm all about it. I've written before about how representing Yara's sexuality on screen is important, and it's clear the show has no intention of backing down from what they started in Season 6.

This season, two of the show's most powerful women will engage in some kind of a relationship, and whether it's long term or not, it's exciting to see. It also means even more sexuality representation, because Ellaria is seemingly bisexual (having been with Oberyn Martell in the past). Since the Sand Snakes and the Greyjoys are both on Dany's team, it seems that her epic leadership is what brings Yara and Ellaria together in the first place — which just makes me love Daenerys even more.

I'm not the only one who's totally into Ellaria and Yara as a couple though. Twitter was all about the pairing.

So, what are we calling this new power couple? The similarity of their names makes it pretty easy to think of a 'ship name. One of the tweets above suggested Yaria, which I'm totally for. There's also Ellara or Yarallia. Whatever fans decide to call them, though, I'm her for it. Can't wait for next week to see two powerful women find each other.