Yes Way Rosé Comes In CANS Now — Here's Where To Find Them

Courtesy of Yes Way Rose

The arrival of warmer weather means a lot of things, but one in particular speaks deeply to the souls of the millennials and Gen Z-ers of the world: Rosé season. And wouldn’t you know it? Yes Way Rosé canned wine is coming to Target just in time for this most hallowed of periods. Like their older sibling, the Yes Way Rosé bottle, the cans house a lovely, pale pink, French rosé; what’s more, they’re just as affordable, and a heck of a lot easier to split with friends. Pack ‘em on picnics. Bring ‘em to the beach. Pop ‘em open in the backyard. Anything goes (as long as it, y’know, abides by local liquor laws). Is it summer yet?

Like many things in this day and age (a fact which never ceases to astonish me), Yes Way Rosé began life as an Instagram account. In 2013, founders Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir launched the Yes Way Rosé Insta as a way to pay homage to their love not just of rosé itself, but to a sort of lifestyle that rosé embodies: Bright, playful, and visually appealing. To Blumenthal and Huganir’s surprise, a community sprang up around the Instagram page, leading to the development of Yes Way Rosé as an entire brand. Merch followed, including the now-iconic Yes Way Rosé tote bag; then came Summer Water, a collaboration with Winc Wines made of Central Coast Grenache and Syrah grapes; and in 2018, a full-on Yes Way Rosé wine debuted at Target for $13 a pop. A dry, French rosé made in the Provençal style with a Granache-based blend, its tasting notes include strawberry, citrus, and white peach.

Courtesy of Yes Way Rose

Yes Way Rosé’s Target line turned out to be a hit — and now, that same wine is about to become available in easy-to-transport cans which will, no doubt, continue to appeal to the Instagram crowd. Pale pink and with the familiar “YES WAY ROSÉ” legend emblazoned on the front, they also feature a monogrammed rose icon in both white and black. At 250ml, the cans are about a third of the capacity of a standard bottle, or just about two glasses’ worth of wine. They come in packs of four, which will retail for $16.99 — about $4.25 per can — at Targets that carry wine starting in April.

At Yes Way Rosé’s original release in 2018, reviewers praised both its aesthetic appeal and its light, refreshing palate. According to Cheapism, where Yes Way Rosé made the list of best wines available at Target and Walmart, the “flavors are light and subtle, with gentle notes of berries, herbs, and lemon zest”; writer Tessa Rose Lampert described it as “a delicate wine that is light in all senses.” At The Kitchn, meanwhile, the wine was beloved for its “floral and fruity aroma,” as well as its acidity and minerality. Wrote Sheela Prakash, “It tastes like juicy strawberries that have been hit with just a bit of tart green apple.” It’s best enjoyed chilled and pairs well with seafood, spicy dishes, barbeque, and salad — or, just drink it while chilling out at the side of the pool with your friends. It’s delightful either way.

Courtesy of Yes Way Rose

Yes Way Rosé bottles aren’t limited to Target anymore, by the way; they’re now available at a wide range of retailers across the country, including liquor stores, wine stores, grocery stores, and other assorted “super stores.” Use the Yes Way Rosé “where to buy” locator tool to find out where you can find it near you. Also, look for Blumenthal and Huganir’s book forthcoming book, YES WAY ROSÉ: A Guide to the Pink Wine State of Mind, which will see publication on April 9.

Everything’s coming up rosé this spring!