Birthday Cake Oreo Yogurt Is The Breakfast Of Your Dessert-Loving Dreams

by Brittany Bennett

You can mix cereal into your morning yogurt or you can spoon crushed cookies in. And not just any cookies, Oreos. And not just any Oreos. Birthday Cake Oreo Yogurt is the breakfast of your dreams. It's almost like it's not even breakfast at all but dessert in the morning. Except that because it's yogurt, it's socially acceptable to pour a bowl of Birthday Cake Oreos before noon. I've never been more pro probiotic.

The yogurt exists thanks to the sweet minds of YoCrunch. The yogurt producer is known for collaborating with the candy aisle. Other mix ins Twix bits, Snickers bits, mini M&Ms, chocolate chip cookie dough, Chips Ahoy! cookie pieces, and Kellog's granola. All perfect reasons to make your bedtime earlier so breakfast comes faster.

The Birthday Cake Oreo Yogurt will feature a smooth and silky vanilla low fat yogurt. The Birthday Cake Oreo bits will be in a compartment above the yogurt to avoid becoming soggy. YoCrunch flavors can be found at large grocery retailers. Search for your preferred flavor through a locator on the site so you can avoid hopping from store to store in search of dessert for breakfast. Even though yogurt is considered breakfast, the Birthday Cake Oreo Yogurt isn't reserved for the first meal of the day. Enjoy it by the spoonful for a snack or to cap the end of a long day.

In case you're wondering what makes a Birthday Cake Oreo so special, it has everything to do with the creme filling. Sandwiched between two cookie saucers, the creme is cake flavored — think your favorite frosting with sprinkles mixed in. This time your cake is bite size, and in cookie form.

According to the YoCrunch Instagram, the flavor isn't ~brand~ new to shelves. This flavor has been available since Nov. 2018! Don't wait until it's your birthday to try a spoonful. Head to your local store carrying a few cases and celebrate early. While your filling your cart with Birthday Cake Oreo Yogurt, you might as well swing by the cookie aisle to continue the celebration. Retailing at $2.98, according to WalMart, you can also score a 15.25oz package of Birthday Cake Oreos. In this blissful reality, you can have your yogurt and eat your cookies too.

Birthday Cake Oreo isn't the only Oreo mix in that you can add to the YoCrunch Yogurt. Choose from a variety of flavors including Vanilla with Oreo, Mint with Mint Oreo, and Strawberry with Oreo. Whatever flavor your craving in the morning, you can't go wrong with the fact that you're having cookies for breakfast.

Find YoCrunch yogurts in the yogurt or dairy aisle of your grocery retailer. Keep your eyes peeled for rotating flavors by YoCrunch. Past flavors have included an Apple Pie Parfait and a Froot Loops Cereal Bowl. Nothing is out of question when it comes to breakfast with YoCrunch. Whether you're having it for breakfast or dessert, it's clear that with the existence of Birthday Cake Oreo Yogurt, it is a very beautiful world that we're living in.