You Can Charter The Sirocco Yacht From 'Below Deck: Mediterranean' Season 2 For A High-Seas Experience

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Who hasn't dreamed of spending the summer on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean? The scenario is lived out on Below Deck: Mediterranean, even if that dream is from the point of view of the workers who are employed to make the dream become a reality. But, if you have the cash, you could purchase the exact dream as seen on the show when you charter the Sirocco yacht featured on Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 2.

Unfortunately, like most luxury yachts, the Sirocco is far from cheap, putting it far out of the reach of most humans. Yacht Charter Fleet lists the Sirocco at about $213,500 a week in the summer or, if you're looking to save some dough, $192,000 per week in the winter. The yacht itself can fit "12 guests in 6 rooms, including a master suite, 1 VIP stateroom, 2 double cabins and 2 twin cabins" and features air conditioning, WiFi, an on-deck jacuzzi, a gym for maintaining a healthy yacht-bod, and a "vast alfresco party area."

The cast of Below Deck: Mediterranean may be able to enjoy the experience of being on a luxury yacht, but it's nothing compared to the true charter experience of having a staff at your service to ensure you have a tip-top Sirocco experience. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons that you absolutely should charter the Sirocco if you have the cash to spare (hahahahha).

You'll Already Be Familiar With It


After watching Season 2 of Below Deck: Mediterranean, you'll know the Sirocco like the back of your hand, meaning you'll be able to feel right at home your first day onboard. While you probably won't have the crew from Below Deck: Mediterranean working for you, the ship itself will be there to greet you as an old friend.

It's Got Everything You Could Possibly Need


The vast alfresco party area has already been mentioned, but the Sirocco also advertises its "full-beam upper deck master suite" and, perhaps most importantly, a TV multi-media room. Whether you're looking to enjoy drinks and get tan under the sun, or get caught up on The Handmaid's Tale while in the middle of the ocean, the Sirocco is ready to cater to your every need.

You Can Afford To (Maybe)


Not everyone (aka most people) who watch Below Deck can afford to just go out and charter a yacht — but if you can, why wouldn't you? Not many people are in a position where they can watch TV, say the words "I want exactly the thing I'm seeing on television right now," and then go get it.

But, for the rest of us, at least we can watch the drama and the luxury unfold onscreen when Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 2 premieres May 2.