Mocha Maltesers Are A Thing & You Can Have Them Delivered Right To Your Door

by Aoife Hanna

Some flavour combinations are too bold to be believed. The mere thought of coupling certain delicious treats might be slightly left of field but, as with a lot of things, the most simple inventions are often the most genius. Mocha Maltesers are now available in the UK and I know right? Mind blown.

Messing with perfection is a risky business but sometimes you just have to open your mind (and your gob) and hang a fang on a new sweet treat. These Mocha Maltesers do exactly what they say on the tin. They're a delicious mix of that unforgettable malty middle with a layer of super silky coffee flavoured chocolate. Just like a mocha from your favourite cafe. Drooling yet? Me too.

As with some of the more special things in life, however, these little balls of joy are slightly tricky to get your hands on. They hail from Australia and the only way to get them (unless you know someone on their way back from Oz) is from online retailer GB Gifts. GB Gifts import more unusual snacks from across the globe and have been kind enough to supply us with the likes of Biscoff KitKats and banana split Oreos.

As Easter fast approaches, Maltesers are also giving the Easter bunny a hand with a delicious range that you can easily get from your local shop. Apart from their famous Maltesers Bunnies and Easter Eggs, they also have an actual Malteaster mix designed specifically for egg hunts.

Each bag is made up of 5 delicious Maltesers Bunnies, 6 Maltesers Mini Bunnies, and 3 Maltesers Fun Size bags.