You & Your Dog Christmas Gifts Because Coordinating Is What Real BFFs Do

Dogsy / Amazon

Christmas is that time of year when you give the ultimate shout out to your nearest and dearest. Getting presents can potentially be just about the most stressful thing, especially when it's for your best friend. But like, what if your best friend is your dog? Well that makes the decision far less stressful because you and your dog get on like a house on fire, am I right? And with all those shared and super fun experiences you would be crazy not to get Christmas gifts for both you and your dog.

Sharing really is caring and your dog has actual unconditional love for you. And you have unconditional love for them also. Real talk. Did you know that a survey showed that two thirds of British people would choose their dog over their partner. How ruff is that? And I am no statistician, nor am I about to base what I am about to say on any evidence whatsoever, but I bet that people prefer buying adorable gifts for their adorable little pet children more than getting things for their other half.

Call me crazy but, well, people let their dogs lick their faces. Even after all they get up to with their mouths all day. If they love them enough for that, they love them enough to spend money on gifts for them, so here are gifts that you can both enjoy.

Large Canvas Print


Personalise this ha-yuge canvas with a piccy of you and bae (dog). Perfect for over the fire place, over the bed, or why not one in every room so it is clear who is boss. And you know it is not you. Special bonus for fun matching looks.

Dog & Owner Ladies Pyjama Set



Be the envy of all your pals with pjs that show you and your dog's love for each other. Who said being crazy is only for cat people? Available in S to XL.

Dogsy Bandana



OK so imagine this bandana but with YOUR face on it. What kind of psycho narcissist dog wants a bandana with its own face on it?!

Matching Dog & Owner Christmas Jumpers



The obligatory Christmas jumper. It absolutely has to be done and yes, your dog might hate it but guys? Photo opps?

GoDogGo G4 Automatic Dog Ball Thrower


Sometimes it feels like there genuinely isn't enough time in the day to play catch with your angel. So, why not buy this automatic ball thrower? It has both automatic settings and manual settings. So you can stick it on autopilot while you do some life admin.

Make Your Own Doggy Treats



This is one for the avid bakers. It has a recipe book, three dog relevant treat cutter sizes, and a little bag to out the treats in. You get to relax while baking, and poochie gets to relax while eating. Excellent dog parenting.

Dog Grooming Mitts



OK so these babies not only groom your dog, but also get hair off carpets etc so you can make your home look a bit more habitable. Also think of all the beautiful moments you and your dog will have during massage sessions. Think essential oils and Enya playing in the background.

Matching Key Rings



BFF jewellery goals entirely fulfilled here. Let the world see your mutual appreciation and trigger multiple fits of "well jeal".

Spa Weekend


Soar Mill Cove, Devon

Why not go all out and treat yourselves to a flipping spa weekend? This heavenly hotel is uber dog friendly, even having dogs in residence, and will give you and your pup the break you deserve. Prices start at £142 per night.

No matter what you get for you and your pooch this Christmas, remember that there is no better gift than the love you share. No you're crying.