Brits Were Asked To Pick Either Their Dog Or Partner & The Response Was Such A Mood

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Wow, how ruff is that? Yes, there will be a lot of puns in this article so make sure you are sitting comfortably. A recent study showed that two-thirds of Brits would pick their dogs over their partners. Hold up, am I the only person low key surprised it's not more than that? Whoops.

Anyway, research done on 1,000 lucky dog owners by UK pet healthcare company Everypaw, proved everyone's suspicions on the bond between dog parents and their dog children. The study found that if it came down to "it's me or the dog", bae would be kicked to the curb. So basically, no matter how much you don't like your partner's dog, you need to shut right up and keep those opinions schtum. Or else get thee back on Tinder.

The study also showed that it doesn't matter if your partner is staying over, 28 percent of dog owners let their dog sleep in bed with them every single night. In addition, 22 percent of those surveyed admitting that their dog is the boss, or should I say top dog, of the household.

OK, so maybe you could try set some boundaries with the little thing? Set some pretty specific rules about behaviour. Or, maybe not. You see, a pretty whopping 29 percent of dog owners that participated in the survey admitted that they let their pooches lick their faces.

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OMG, I am a total dog lover but, where have their mouths been? Guys, dogs lick like actual poop. Is face-licking really a good idea? Not really according to Everypaw vet Dr. Anna Foreman. She said: "Although face licking is generally fine for healthy humans, if people are immunocompromised (if they’re older or very young for example), then there is a risk to health."

Jeeze Louise, what about fleas? Accidental but gorgeous little rhyme there, but also a concern that many people might have about their pooch and their soft furnishings. Who wants to have to buy a new sofa and/or bed? Well, a lot, actually. According to the Everypaw survey, 85 percent of owners allow their dogs on the sofa and on their beds.

Although I can totes understand why, guys, it may not be the best idea to let your dog on you bed. Dr. Foreman explained: "There’s a lot of conflicting opinions about letting your dog sleep in your bed with you. The only real issues are hygiene and potential injuries. If dogs have fleas they can bite humans, and there is a chance that they could fall off the bed at night. But it’s all down to personal choice."

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Well, I don't know about you, but all of this has given me a lot to think about. But IMHO, the best part of this survey is how much love we all have for our pups. In addition to picking our pets over our other halves, the majority of us, in fact 90 percent of participants, said that they would never abandon their dogs in favour of lifestyle changes like moving to a new home or emigrating.

Definitely something for any perspective dog owners to consider ahead of adopting a pooch.

The results of this study were not that shocking to me, nor would I imagine they be to any dog lover. After all, darlings come and go, but dogs are for life.