YouPorn's New Zodiac Filter Adds A Whole New Dimension To Your Viewing

by Alice Broster

It’s believed in the astrology community that certain zodiac signs are more compatible. It’d be dreamy if I could find out my crushes' birth charts on first interaction and I can’t count the number of times friends have banned themselves from dating certain sun signs to avoid future heartbreak. Whether you’re a complete astro babe or zodiac sceptic it’s hard not to be sucked into what the stars say about you. And you can now find out a whole lot more about your sex life based on your sign, because YouPorn has added a zodiac search filter.

If you believe that you’re more compatible with people in the real world based on their star sign then it makes sense that you’d also be more drawn to certain personas on screen based on their zodiac too. Youporn has developed a new feature with their in-house sex astrologer Dossé-Via to make it easier for you to find adult content featuring stars with compatible signs. Prepare for your alone time to be taken out of this world.

You can now work out which zodiac sign you're most compatible with, use YouPorn's Search by Zodiac feature, and then if you need to you can filter out any of the star signs that are a definite no-no for you. This way you'll be able to find content featuring performers that are compatible with you according to the stars.

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Speaking about the new feature in a statemen,t Vice President of YourPorn Charlie Hughes said, "searching by zodiac sign will allow our community to better understand their innate desire for and connection to certain signs, and interpret their own astrological senses more deeply. We are always looking for new exploratory options to offer our users, and agreed that a creative and resourceful astrological filter could perhaps offer our community something star-tacular."

The new search option comes in alongside YouPorns astrology platform,, which launched in 2018. It allows users to access their horoscope for the month with a particular focus on your sex life and how the stars may play a part in your bedroom activity. There’s also more general information about each of the sun signs, how your birth chart dictates how you are as a lover, and who you’re most compatible with.

YouPorn revealed in a statement that their in-house astrologer Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells has played a key role in showing users how the stars play a fundemental role in the sex that you’re having, your kinks, turn-ons, and turn-offs. Finding the right porn for you is pretty important so being able to taylor what you view to something you connect with is great. Trenou-Wlls said, “being aware of your sexual partner's birth chart and zodiac sign placements can help you better understand the way their personality works, in and out of the bedroom,” and this new feature should help you get that interstellar connection alone.

Whether you want to know what your sex life horoscope looks like this month or how the stars can play a key role in the partners you choose, the sex you like, and the content you want to watch then YouPorns new zodiac feature has you covered. You may be an astrology queen, like myself, or aren’t too sure about what your birth chart has to do with your bedroom antics but you should definitely check it out.