Here's What Your Fave "Game Of Thrones" House Says About Your Personality


Are you a strong and silent northerner? A fiery dragonlord? An incredibly boring Ironborn? Westeros is home to many great and noble houses, and it's pretty hard to read A Song of Ice and Fire or watch Game of Thrones without imagining yourself as a member of at least one of these mighty, overly violent families. The houses of Westeros may not have a nifty sorting hat policy like the Hogwarts houses, but every major house still has their key characteristics. And your favorite house reveals a lot about the kind of person you are (and how you, specifically, would plot to take over a fictional kingdom). Here's what your Westeros house says about you.

Of course, there are a few different personalities within every house. Arya Stark is a scrappy tomboy, while Sansa Stark is a traditionally feminine romantic. Cersei Lannister is cunning and evil, while Tyrion Lannister is cunning and kind of nice. Asha is cool, and all the other Greyjoys are incredibly boring. But even for all their differences, each house has their particular philosophy, and their very own slogan: "Hear Me Roar!" or "Fire and Blood" or the vaguely threatening "Winter is Coming."

So here's what your house says about you. Choose wisely.



You are a Stark of Winterfell. You're a straight shooter, and you don't beat around the bush, even if your honesty sometimes gets you beheaded. You might have the occasional bout of bad luck, but you persevere like the stoic Northman you are. You'll do anything for your family, even if they're far away or possibly some kind of psychic tree. You love cold winter days, when you can curl up indoors with a warm mug of mead and/or great sword. You're a dog person.



You have a... complicated relationship with your family. Sometimes they get on your nerves, and other times they get on your nerves so badly that you murder them on the toilet. Your ideal Sunday night involves wine, a luxurious dressing gown, more wine, and devious plans to execute your enemies. You can be a bit of a control freak, and you bend the rules every once in a while, but your drunk witticisms still make you the life of the party. No one would ever guess it, but you're also a secret romantic. And you're very prompt about paying your Venmo debts.



Your favorite Snapchat filter is the flower crown. You'll be perfectly polite to someone's face, and then quietly destroy them with one carefully crafted subtweet. Your philosophy is to kill all your problems with kindness and devastating fashion choices. You like to keep your private life private, but when the time is right, you can hold your own quite gracefully in the limelight. You don't understand why people choose anger and ugly jeans when they could choose smiles and floral prints. If you could walk around everyday wearing a bustier and a full face of glitter, you absolutely would.



You can be just a tad intense about getting what you want. Sometimes it feels like no one really gets you, including all of your weird, sad uncles. You like overcast weather and heavy eyeliner, and you have no time for whiners. You might be a tough-as-nails lady like Asha/Yara, or a smarmy little prick like Theon, but either way you're iron to the core.



You're just here to smash the patriarchy and have a good time. You don't care what other people think, you're going to dress as you please and kill any men in your way with a poisoned spear. The Martells of Dorne are the only house that didn't fall to the Targaryens the first time around, so you're pretty dang confident about your life and your choices... even if sometimes those choices end with you getting fried by a dragon (looking at you, Quentyn).



You play to win. You're not really interested in complicated political nonsense or in consolation prizes. You're interested in looking fabulous (like Renly), fighting for your rightful place (like Stannis), and smashing up jerks with hammers (like Robert). As a Storm Lord, you have something of a temper, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time at a melee every now and then (except for you, Stannis... lighten up, buddy). You're the first on the dance floor, and the last to be dragged off the dance floor (usually sometime around dawn).



You like to stay out of the spotlight, whenever possible. You're usually not in the midst of things, or starting any fights, but that's not because you don't care. You do care. You're a solid friend in times of need, you care deeply, and you rock that red-and-blue power clashing look. And you're probably funny and good at arrows, like the Blackfish. Just try to avoid marrying any Freys, if at all possible.



You can be a bit distant, and you don't let your guard down unless you feel 100% safe. Even if you do invite someone up to your terrifying sky castle, you still reserve the right to boot them out of the moon door if you feel like it. You rarely bother with social media, and texts to you go unanswered for weeks on end. You aspire to high heights, and you don't often bother with all the mess going on down below.



You're a precious, creepy cinnamon bun that is too good for this world and is also probably going to get eaten by a magic demon tree. You just want to hang out in the woods and help your friends and maybe go hunting for frogs, but you tend to end up in situations that are way over your head. You're just going to keep muddling through trying to do the best you can, though (and also you maybe have magical dreams that predict the future sometimes??).



Uh...what? Why do you identify with the Boltons? I guess you...enjoy flaying your enemies alive and torturing prisoners for sport? And then wearing capes made out of human flesh? You're also a dog person.



You're the blood of the freaking dragon. You have charisma, otherworldly beauty, and unhinged ruthlessness, which makes you a natural born leader. You also have dragons. Sure, sometimes you can have a bit of an ego and yes, every once in a while you'll make a mistake that will end up wrecking the entire economy of eastern Essos. But most of the time, you know you're the queen.