Google Image Search Can Help You Shop For Clothes Now, Too

It's 2017, so anything is possible on the tech front. Case in point: what if Google and Pinterest had a love child? Well, no surprise here — it's now a beautiful reality. On April 13, Google launched its new "Style Ideas" tool on Image Search. Next time you search for a product on Image Search, Google will provide a grid of inspirational outfits on how to style the product. Hello, sartorial goldmine.

"With 'Style Ideas', you can see real-life options of what bag and jeans look stellar with those red high heels you’ve been eyeing," Google associate product manager Julia Enthoven wrote in a blog post last Thursday. The "Style Ideas" function is available on the Google Android app and mobile web browsers.

In addition to the enhanced search experience, Google has also expanded its similiar items carousel. According to TechCrunch, Google will now also display related products for six new verticals: outerwear, dress, shirt, pants, skirts and shorts.

One of my internet struggles is successfully hunting down a certain product on Google Images but then having to resort to Pinterest for extra visual inspo. As a result, I was curious to give Google's new "Style Ideas" feature a try — but I have a feeling this certainly won't fare well with my (decaying) bank account. I mean, if these bloggers can successfully ace the fishnet ankle sock trend, then surely I can too, right?

The tool works just like your ordinary Google Image search.

Kelsey Nguyen

I started by searching a product under Images — at the moment, I'm eyeing this Carmella Romper from Lovers + Friends. Then, you simply scroll down to the "Style Ideas" section and voilà: Google will rush to the rescue with streetstyle photos featuring ways the product have been worn. Perfect for curing those inevitable closet dilemmas.

Kelsey Nguyen

Search engine shopping just got 10x infinitely better.