Zayn & Gigi's Relationship Timeline Shows Their Adorable & Glamorous Journey

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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have been one of Hollywood's hottest A-list couples for some time now. The pair have been going strong for years, with only a brief relationship setback. But Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's relationship timeline shows just how great things are going for them.

The lovebirds have been going out since 2015, following Malik's split from fiancée Perrie Edwards and Hadid's split from Joe Jonas. Ever since they started dating, they've been so incredibly cute together. Whether they're killing it on every red carpet event or gushing about one another on social media, they've probably garnered their fair share of "Zigi" fans.

Even Hadid's mom loves them together. In an interview with Us Weekly, Yolanda Hadid described the couple and said of whether they'll get married, "They’re beautiful together and, you know, that’s up to them." She continued, "It’s their journey. I’m here to support in whatever their journey is. And you know, they’re still young." That's a key stamp of approval right there.

And, as the former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills said, it is fully Malik and Hadid's journey together. They've gone through breakups, gotten tattoos, and were even met with some engagement rumors. Let's take a look at exactly what Malik and Hadid's relationship has entailed.

November 2015 - Officially Dating

According to Entertainment Tonight, Malik and Hadid first sparked romance rumors following the 2015 American Music Awards, where she was a presenter and he won several awards with One Direction. The publication went on to say that the pair's relationship status was cemented after they stepped out holding hands after dining out in Hollywood. The November 2015 date also aligns with a social media post from Hadid from November 2017 that said the couple was celebrating their two-year anniversary.

May 2016 - Red Carpet Debut

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The two really made things official when they attended the 2016 Met Gala together in May of that year. And boy did they know how to make a red carpet debut. Both appeared in technology-inspired outfits, which fit that year's theme of Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology. Come on, no one can deny that they rocked this red carpet and looked totally in love while doing so.

June 2016 - A Brief Breakup?

Malik and Hadid may have had a little trouble in paradise in June 2016. An initial report from E! News stated that the young couple had broken up shortly after their Met Gala appearance. However, People soon revealed that while the two had briefly broken up, they were back together and better than ever. The whole split was chalked up to them just having a small rough patch in their new relationship. But, all is well in Zigi world.

July 2017 - Zigi Takes Vogue

Talk about a power couple. Malik joined his model girlfriend on the cover of the August 2017 issue of Vogue, which was released that July. In their accompanying interview for the magazine, the two discussed their relationship and their experiences with gender fluidity. (The issue also saw a bit of controversy.) They said that they'll sometimes root around inside each others' closets, which they don't think should be a big deal. Hadid said, "It’s not about gender. It’s about, like, shapes. And what feels good on you that day. And anyway, it’s fun to experiment."

November 2017 - Celebrating Their 2nd Anniversary

As previously stated, Hadid and Malik celebrated their second anniversary as a couple in November 2017, according to a video from Hadid's Instagram story. She captioned the video with "2 yrs w my favorite human" with the "human" in question obviously referring to Malik. The two looked to be sharing some strawberries, along with a smooch, as they happily celebrated their anniversary.

January 2018 - A Telling Tattoo

Apparently, Malik found a way to honor his longtime love in a pretty permanent way. As seen in one of Hadid's Instagram videos, the already-very-tatted-up Malik looks to have gotten Hadid's eyes tattooed on his chest. Well, that's one way to let your girlfriend know you care. He hasn't confirmed the tattoo is of her eyes, but if it is that's a very good sign that the two really are head over heels for each other. However, things didn't work out the last time he got a tattoo in honor of a girlfriend. But, hopefully Zigi will avoid the same fallout.

While the two did seem to go through a brief rough patch in 2016, it looks like things have been smooth sailing for the adorable Zigi romance ever since.