The Rock’s Daughter Is Zendaya’s Doppelgänger & Twitter Can’t Handle It

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; dayaparadise/Twitter

Zendaya is quite the busy woman, and that certainly makes being in two places at once impossible — nevermind the mere fact that she's human. Lucky for her, The Rock's daughter is Zendaya's doppelgänger. And the resemblance is so uncanny that folks on Twitter couldn't help but take notice.

No, The Rock's oldest daughter, Simone Johnson, isn't the one being compared to The Greatest Showman star. The actor and former wrestler's youngest daughter, Jasmine Johnson, is the one causing all of the stir. A Twitter user shared a couple of pictures of the almost-2-year-old on the social platform on Dec. 14, and it was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from fans of both The Rock and Zendaya.

The toddler may not be able to act as Zendaya's stand-in just yet, but by the looks of the now-viral photo, she could grow up to look a lot like the multi-talent. Oh, and mixed with the show-stopping genetics from her celebrity father, the younger Johnson is bound to be a force within the industry as well. Sitting in her father's arms in the photo, the brown-haired cutie is already stealing all of the attention. Johnson is definitely serving up some younger-version-of-Zendaya vibes, and, no wonder the internet couldn't help but notice.

But the observers weren't the only ones taking glee in Johnson's adorableness. Zendaya first caught wind of the viral photo on Thursday afternoon, retweeting the post and adding some heart eyes of her own. The actor was clearly taken aback by the photo, because she tagged Johnson's father in her response.

The Rock agreed with Zendaya and fans, responding, "Ha yes she does."

Zendaya isn't the only celebrity walking around with a doppelgänger, however. Most recently, a young woman from Detroit, Mich. caught media attention for being a doppelgänger of Beyoncé. Brittany Williams, whose resemblance to the entertainment mogul is quite eerie, spoke to Bustle recently about her experience with being chased by Queen Bey fans begging for autographs, and even being stopped while shopping in the mall. Williams said, "It started in my teenage years when I was at boarding school."

Popularity and fan recognition definitely has its perks. But being a doppelgänger to someone who you admire yourself, is certainly the icing on top of an, already, amazing cake. "I'm a fan definitely of her music, but more so her as a woman," Williams declared to Bustle. "I like the example she sets for us to be or for us to kind of mimic or model ourselves by."

Johnson may not be getting chased by Zendaya fans begging for an autograph, but receiving a huge amount of Twitter responses about her striking resemblance to Zendaya is pretty exciting, too.

Is This The "John Legend Baby" Phenom All Over Again?

John Legend has been said to have a couple baby doppelgängers of his own, too. The rumors were met with a lot of humor, but were ultimately trumped by Legend's wife In a July 3 tweet, Chrissy Teigen declared that because adult Legend looks like a baby, he's going to look a lot like other babies.

Fans Couldn't Handle It

The tweets speak for themselves.

No, But Seriously

In case you needed more proof, this picture of Zendaya holding up a baby picture of herself should totally do the trick. Little Zendaya and Johnson have so much in common — from skin complexion, to the curly brown locks, and even their adorable button noses.

Plot Twist? Or Just A Coincidence?

Johnson isn't old enough to settle on a career path just yet. But just in case she needs a little direction in the future, let this serve as a bit of inspiration for the budding star.

Some Couldn't Handle The Cuteness

They responded solely with GIFs.

So Many GIFs

If down the road, The Rock's daughter does decide to go for a career in the spotlight, starring in mother-daughter movies opposite Zendaya just may be the aim. Can't you totally see a 2030 rendition of Freaky Friday being another box-office hit? Because, seriously, someone must capitalize on this whole doppelgänger situation.